Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!

I am working today but we spent most of Sunday the 3rd celebrating the holiday. Here are a few pictures!

Swimming. Daddy is so funny! Plus, the baby rear end is too cute.

Water to the face. He did this multiple times. And kicked and splashed all over the place while in the pool.

Snackin' on some Goldfish

Dinner. He was obviously done in this picture.

Time for some fireworks shots. The ones that turned out the best are on here. We watched the fireworks at Rockets over Rhema. Rather, we watched them from a parking lot nearby. We had awesome seats, it was perfect.

Waiting for the show to start with Daddy. Pardon Husband's drunk look. He doesn't do well with a flash. EVER.

Watching the show. And Mommy. He enjoyed the fireworks but because we had kept him up so late he was done about halfway through. All he wanted was to go to bed. The paci prevented the fussing but we still left before the finale. Overall we enjoyed our first firework show as a family of three!

God Bless America!

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