Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Band Aid Reports

Last week was a busy week at daycare for Camden, and it was only a four day week for him! It started on Monday when he was walking in between the rocking chair and the table. He managed to fall and scrape his ear pretty bad, so I got the phone call while I was at work to notify me that they had to fill out a band aid report because he was hurt. When I went to pick him up his left ear was pretty scraped up and a little on the side of his face. They said when he did it he cried so hard he stopped breathing momentarily. She said his lips started to turn blue and they had to blow in his face! :/ poor kid!

Tuesday went by fairly uneventfully. He was growing teeth so he did get teething tabs to help with his fussiness.

Wednesday I get a phone call about noon. They called to tell me that another kid bit Camden on the hand. They said it didn't draw blood but there were red marks. When I went to pick him up, my first question was "What did he do to instigate being bit?" They surprised me a little when they told me he didn't do anything. He was just sitting on the mat with his hand up and the other little boy just decided he needed a snack. They said Camden cried super hard again, and four hours later he still had the marks on his hand. Chris was hopeful it wasn't his little troublemaker buddy that did it - I wasn't so sure. They did tell me that after the incident that Camden was playing with a toy, and the other kid who had bit him crawled over to him. They said Camden handed over that toy as quick as he could and then crawled off. So funny!!


Thursday was his last day at daycare for the week. One of the regular girls was out b/c her son was sick, so there were subs in and out. When I went to pick him up I noticed his forehead right away. They said they would have filled out another bandaid report (that would make it three in four days!) but they didn't have a clue how he did it!

{This picture was taken four days later. check out the center of his head!}

Silly boy. He plays so hard! We will have to see what this four day week brings!

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  1. Poor guy!! I felt that Dawson was a walking bruise for the longest time.