Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The current project..

As you know, Husband and I usually have some sort of project going on at our house. I use the word I loosely, it's not like I actually have any claim to these projects. They are more often than not husband's bright idea brought to fruition. These bright ideas have ranged from our gorgeous new master bath, to our very handy homemade babygate. Note: I like running the word 'babygate' together, it sounds like 'Watergate' or something equally as political that always has "-gate" attached to it.

The example of the babygate. Someone can't make it to Pearl's water bowl anymore. Bummmmmmer.

Our current project (Read: My idea, husband's labor. Who are we kidding, we all know he needs something to do..) My awesome friend Malissa does fantastic furniture refinishing work and can craft just about anything under the sun. She is multi-talented, but is most awesome for scoring me this fantastic wood high chair for the sweet price of FIVE DOLLARS. Woot! This high chair is gorgeous, the perfect size and even better the perfect price. We (Read: Husband) has been spending his time and money (did I mention that the paint stripper and lead paint tester has cost us already twice as much as what we paid for the chair??) to completely sand this bad boy down.

That's it - in all of it's original glory.

This is the first round of paint stripping.

And this is when we brought out the big guns. That's right, the power washer. This power washer is such a beast that if it was set to high they noticed they were carving streaks into the wood. Oops! It also did a pretty good job of tearing up the grass. We had the paint about all peeled off, and we were doing some finishing sanding on it when husband decided using the monstrous power washer actually made the chair too "wobbly". (Read: you could jiggle it a little. Those of you that know my husband know this is NOT acceptable). So he has proceeded to take it completely apart, sand all the little pieces and he wants to glue it back together nice and sturdy.

I am so excited about all of the progress on this cute little photo prop of mine. So, this leads me to the final question...what color? We are thinking blues. A bright blue? The other option is of course, orange. Suggestions??

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  1. Haha he cracks me up! That is going to be the most amazing high chair ever when you all are through with it! I vote blue :)