Friday, July 22, 2011

11 Months: A Letter

I still can't believe that I have an almost ONE YEAR OLD. *cue crying noises* You have gotten big so fast!

This month your one tooth has finally poked through that we can see it when you smile. Speaking of smiling, you are great at giving us big cheesy grins now. You know, the kind where it looks like you are gritting your 'teeth' (err..tooth) and getting ready to smile for your kindergarten picture. Adorable! This last week of your tenth month you have been trying to cut another tooth to give you a pair down below, it has finally poked through, but you don't see it yet when you smile.

{I love your ornery little face here}

You are wearing clothes ranging from 6 month to 18 month onesies, pants needing to be 12 months or larger and we are about to move you up a size in shoes to size 3. You just switched to wearing a size 4 diaper.

Your sleeping is much improved. Now that you are no longer suffering from a double ear infection and cutting teeth at the same time, you are sleeping well. Your usual schedule is about 9 hours at night from 8p to 5-5:30a. You are still taking two naps a day, one about 9 and the other around 2. You are taking fourish bottles/sippys a day, one bottle in the morning and at night, and two-three sippys of milk at daycare. They told me earlier this month at daycare they wanted to prepare you for the transition to the big boy room. (again: cue sobbing). To move to the big boy room you must be eating table foods and drinking from sippys-no bottles. Well let me just say you easily switched over without a hitch. They told me they think you drink BETTER from your sippys than your bottle. They also told me the other boys in your room have trouble with switching over and aren't doing as well. I think to get you switched over - all I did was bring your sippy cups and you were done. Finished. Switched over. They also said when you switch to this big boy room you will switch to one nap a day and will no longer have a crib but a cot. Crazy to think about my little one year old on a cot!

You are doing fairly well with your table foods. Some textures really bother you, but we are working on it. You LOVE your carrots, those you will eat without fail. Some days you do exceptionally well with your table foods, some days you refuse and want only purees(Not very often in the last few days though). You are also loving, turkey meat in patty form, ravioli, cheetoes, pineapple, watermelon and basically all fruits. Not a fan of: broccoli in either puree or solid form, or green beans/squash in table food form. You are also getting pretty wise about sticking your hand over the side and feeding Pearl. Pearl loves this. Mommy - not so much.

You are a busy little bee. You are constantly on the go, whether it be speed crawling, pulling up or cruising. You can even get from sitting to standing without any assistance for balance. Those chunky thighs are beneficial! I have seen you take a about five steps on your own, you are getting there babe! No hurry though, mommy wants to still be able to refer to you as "her baby". You love going on our nightly walks (if it's not too hot) with Pearl, and you especially love weekends when you get to go swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Mommy likes those times to, because you always sleep well! You are not afraid of the water, little one. You even try and put your face in it to get a drink. Something I want you to enjoy is water and I like that until this point you are fearless.

At ten months old you moved up a room at church. No longer in the nursery! We went to pick you up on your second week there and you were SO cute. One of the workers was holding you. We appeared at the door to get you, and you did a double take. You looked at us, then looked at the girl holding you, looked at her again and then began to cry. You didn't realize that you didn't know the person that was holding you. It was absolutely adorable!

{You love letting others blow your whistle and you are SO close to figuring it out yourself!}

Your playing has become more purposeful. You are learning to put things in and out. You are learning to fit things through certain sizes/areas. (Ex: pulling your toys through your new gate daddy made you. You have to hold them just right to get them through the slats.) You are enjoying your blocks and knocking them down when Daddy stacks them. You especially love getting in to trouble. Pulling things off of the pantry shelves, or off of the end table.

{pulling things out of the pantry while 'blowing' your whistle}

We are working on learning the meaning of 'no'. You still like to speed crawl to Pearl's bowl and dump the water all over yourself and the wall. You also like to play with the blinds which according to Daddy is a BIG no-no.

You are still pretty quiet. You are usually too busy "working" to speak. You'll grunt while you are "working" with all of your toys, but you are usually too intensly focused to do much of anything else. We have been working on "Da-da-da" and you have a cute little "Mom" figured out with a long 'oh'. You also say lots of "gah-gah-gah". We are still working on signing milk, mom, dad" and hoping you will catch onto which one of us is mom and which one is dad.

You have taken to chugging out of an open cup like a frat boy downing a beer. We will put you in your tub and the first thing you do is grab your little cup and hold it up to your face, suck in a bunch of your bath water, pull back the cup and give a precious satisfied grin. Shortly after this you will emit a frat boy burp. Hey, it's not easy chugging like that!

You have shown a little bit of a pouty side this month as well. When you don't get your way or you get told 'no' you will crawl away, put your face on the ground and cry or whine. Oh my gosh is it funny, but at the same time you have to learn that you won't always get your way. You have been doing lots of whining to get picked up whenever you want and your Dad has been having to remind me not to pick you up just because you are fussing. No one likes a clingy baby! Sometimes you do this thing where you clench your fists and holler. Daycare and I have dubbed it "the Hulk". You do it when you are upset or really excited about something and it seems as if you are going to burst out of your skin.

{Doing "the Hulk"!}

Camden, you are our pride and joy. We never knew how much happiness and joy you would add to our lives. You keep us so busy, and always entertained. And next month I will be writing your ONE YEAR post. Sweet boy, I cherish this time with you as a little one, but at the same time I look forward to what is to come.

I'll love you forever,

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  1. I can't believe that our babies are almost one! Camden is such a cute little guy!