Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Teething. Ugh. It's really not any fun. Why is it that the first teeth hurt, but when you grow your permanent teeth it's not painful?

So weird.

There is some teething going on at our house. Lots of biting of our arm, chewing on all things and fussiness. The kind of fussy where he wants to be held, but then he doesn't. And he wants to eat, but then he doesn't. Poor thing.

He also has been pulling at his ears, but I am 99% sure there is no ear infection involved. Especially since he's sleeping fairly well through the night besides the teeth. Last time I think he was only up because of his ears. I think pulling at the ears has become somewhat of a habit when things are hurting, like when we are teething.

This reminds me of when I was in 6th grade. I would go in to see the orthodontist and they would tighten my braces and I would weigh five pounds less than six months earlier in the school year. I mean, why eat when your teeth hurt so bad? That was truly the pits.

It doesn't matter if Camden takes after me or after Chris regarding teeth. He's screwed either way. Chris had to have a separator that would spread his palette. It had to be cranked every so often to widen it. I had two rows of teeth and the works. I'll go further into detail in another post sometime.

The point is, teething is no fun, and I must go now as little man is fussing about that as I type!

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