Saturday, July 16, 2011

14 days.

Yes, that's it. Only 14 days.

14 days until I leave my baby for almost two weeks!

OH EM GEE WHAT? I'm leaving my baby for the first time but for weekS with a CAPITAL S?!? Momentary freak out!

I know he'll be fine. I know he is going to be in good hands. But the thought of being without him for that long? Freaks me out a little lot. Maybe it is because he has just so seamlessly joined our lives that being without him will feel like a part of me is missing? Oh WAIT! That is exactly it.

He's close to walking. He takes little steps here and there. I have told him he has 14 days to figure it out, or else I'm going to request that Grandma and CiCi go ahead and push him down discourage walking. In the nicest way of course. Because, hello? Shouldn't I be there to witness/video it?

Chris' solution: "Don't worry honey, we will probably have another baby and you can watch them take their first steps in person. And when we get back Camden will still be walking, it's not like he'll quit, so you'll still get to see it!" (he thinks my first time to see it will be just as exciting as his first time to do it - we will see!)

Men. ::shakes head::

All walking aside, packing for a two week trip halfway across the world is stressful enough, but having to pack enough of Camden's stuff to be in the two places he is staying doesn't sound super easy either. I have all sorts of to do lists!

Something I am SUPER looking forward to? It's their winter there. And winter? Sounds like a refreshing breath of cool air after all of this 100+ temps.

There is always silver lining.

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