Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember the time when...

I sneezed while outside with my patients and got snot in my hair? 

Oh you don't?

Consider yourself lucky, cause it was pretty sick.

Speaking of pretty sick, that's how I've been lately. Allergies are kicking my rear, and suddenly my week long of clear snot turned into green infection. Icky.

Camden has been fighting stuffiness too, so it appears we just can't win. He at least still sounds like himself when he talks. I got some antibiotics so hopefully that will kick in SOON. No more sneezing snot into my hair, PLEASE. It was the kind of sneeze that shot me forward, and with it my hair swung forward as well. I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Oh and next time I want a new PCP? Remind me to get one. This one will not call in a prescription without seeing you. I mean, that's kind of ridiculous. I'm a grown adult, I know a sinus infection when I have one. One that comes with the nasty headaches and pressure that feels like my eyes are drowning and my ears are going to explode. I mean, seriously. I need to get on that. 

In other news, our anniversary was Sunday. Yay! I had to work, but afterwards we had dinner with his parents (which is one of my favorite things to do), and then we stopped and got some pints of Braums ice cream to eat for dessert. Yum! Camden and Husband have been partaking in the ice cream nightly, however due to my influx of mucous I have skipped out. Sad face. 

Our church is doing an AWESOME series called "The End" and it's talking about the end times and the book of Revelation. It is so good, and moved me to tears a few times. Our pastor really and truly has a gift - he keeps me riveted and I love going to hear him. And the best part? Getting friends to come to church. Everyone should see how awesome it is!

Not much else is going on in the news front. Going to take some pictures for friends if the weather holds off this weekend, I'm already praying it does! (rain is predicted - boo) I have cough drops to get me through the night tonight, so hopefully I can get a little sleep in. 

Hopefully a more substantial post will follow, soonish!

Hubby and I - so young!!

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