Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update Schmupdate....

Halloween has come and gone! Can you all believe it is November already?
I guess I should update on going ons around these parts. I spent last Friday cleaning and prepping for my SIL L's shower that my sister and I threw. I cleaned house and set stuff up and hid toys, it was lots of work but it was a nice little shower with a super fun turnout. Saturday I woke up and did last minute prep, then it was time to go get dressed because people were arriving! So thankful for my husband, Mom and sister that were HUGE helps at getting it all ready. After the shower I cleaned up, and then by this time Camden was down for nap so this meant naptime for Mommy! After we had our fabulous naps we headed out to Hallowzooeen and got our candy on. It was our first time and it was really lots of fun! We can't wait to make it a little family tradition!
Sunday we chilled and recooperated and that was nice as well. I believe I had me another nap, thankyouverymuch.
This week brought about different picture taking with my sister in law and brother before the baby comes, yay! I also finished up editing my cousin-in-laws that I am rather partial too as well. 
Trick or treating with Camden this year was a BLAST! He is getting the hang of it, and learning that if he keeps going he will get even more candy! He was so adorable just walking up to these houses with his bucket all by himself, watching them drop candy in and then saying thank you and turning and running back to his daddy excitedly proclaiming "I got more candy!". He was so brave too, walking right up to the houses with scary lights or light up dancing ghosts that would have scared the bejezus out of me when I was a kid. He was a trooper and made it all the way around the block with his cousins who came over to go with us. He was delighted to go with his cousins and they were all so cute together.  I hope we can make it a tradition to all hang out together.
Camden went this year as a lion. You all may remember that he was this last year as well. But, he still fit into this lion, and no matter how much begging or pleading a mommy did, he would NOT wear the costume over his head so the mane would go around his face. He still looked adorable walking around in it, with his fluffy butt and tail. At one point he even knocked over someones porch decoration accidentally with that fluffy butt.
The plus side about parenting and this holiday is that we do a little bit of work to get TONS of candy, and then we raid their little candy buckets once they go to sleep. I guess you can probably guess what I will be doing every night for the next few weeks?? ;)

Now it's time for another weekend. I'm working this weekend so nothing too earth shattering going on. Just a little church here and there between shifts. Hopefully I can get a nap in on Monday when little man naps! ;)

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