Thursday, May 2, 2013


My bestie got married this past weekend! It was a very busy weekend! We had rehearsal on Friday, Saturday was wedding prep and that night we all stayed out at the casino hanging out until late and then Sunday had a brunch and left. It was so nice! I miss hanging out with my college besties all the time, but at the same time I really missed my little munchkin. ;)

Camden has been a talking maniac lately. It amazes me how much he learns and soaks up things these days. He demands to listen to his songs in the car, always preferring "ABC song" or "Monkey song". It's pretty cute. He says "I can't not hear it" or "I can't not do it" and his little "can't nots" melt my heart, along with his "Okay, Mommy??" when talking to me.

My bump is getting sooo big. I've about had it with people asking me if I am sure I'm not having twins. NO I'm NOT, yes I know it's a big belly and it's just going to get bigger. And with technology these days, of course I know if there is one or two in there. Someone is going to get throat punched. Just sayin'.

I cannot WAIT for swimming pool season. Camden is going to have SO. MUCH. FUN!

Husband's last week on the job was this past week. It was bittersweet, that's where he's been since graduating almost 7 years ago. I know it's a big change for Hubby if he comes up to me Monday morning of the start of his last week and says "I'm kinda sad". It's the fear of the unknown, and having to start completely over. Yikes! I'm hoping this will be a positive change that will help him to broaden his horizons. I pray the transition will be smooth and he will end up fitting right in and loving it.

I'm so proud of my Hubby and how hard he works for our little family. His last day of work it seemed that everyone was sad he was going. They surpised him with doughnuts, buying him lunch and departing gifts (one was a new wallet with a business card - I thought that was a cool idea!), even a multiple cake goodbye gathering. He even saved his going away card his co-workers bought him - which is something he never does - save sentimental things. You could tell they really liked working with him and I think that shows so much of the character he has. I haven't heard of them throwing that big of a shin dig for anyone else's going away party, so it made me super proud of him to hear that. I know he's a hard working and his new job is lucky to have him!

So much to do with insurance changes and preparing for baby and new job and AH! It's hard to keep it all straight. If I just remember one thing at a time, it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I go to my next doctor's appointment at the end of this week. I'm intrigued to hear what they think the size of baby is. I already know my answer and that's TOO BIG! But, a little over eight weeks to go. Soon enough! Now we just have to finalize a name....

That's all for now!

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