Friday, August 16, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

In just a few days I will return to work. It happened so fast. 7.5 weeks and it is time to return. I am so bummed to leave little c at the hospital and I am just hoping and praying he will get awesome nurses like he has.  Its nerve wracking. Especially since his main thing is to work on feeds, and if he gets someone who patient with him he will get quite a bit down. But that's the problem, they don't always just have all the time to devote to sitting with my baby While he slowly eats, I mean, there are other children here. 

G tube is highly likely. He's off the phenobarbital and so so so much more awake. Pray for no seizures, ever! Buuuuut... his feeds just haven't increased enough. If he shows off something major in the next two days they may change their minds, but i kind of doubt it. And hey, if that means it gets us out of here, lets do it! 

I think if there was such a thing as NICU psychosis, I sm developing it....

Keep praying and following along on FB for updates!

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  1. I have been very behind on my blog commenting but I wanted to say that I have been thinking of you and your family and rooting for your little guy!

    Congrats on his birth and I hope things are going well.