Thursday, October 10, 2013

Midweekish Random Things

It's been a long time since a random post. So, here goes nothing.

-I miss working out. Before Caysen I had grand plans to return to the gym after about 4 weeks, like I did with Camden. HA! Zumba and I better have a date soon.

-Because life is SO hectic right now, my eating habits are POOR. I am going to have to get some stuff together like crock pot meals or something so that I am eating a bit healthier. All of us need it really.

-Age Three. OH EM GEE. Enough said.

-Work is so hard for me to keep up. I do not even have a second of down time, besides my pumping time. I've learned to pump and chart. TMI? Maybe. But it's doable.

-I am tired. I average 5 hours of sleep a night or so. I think it's just my new normal and my body may be getting used to it.

-I think Camden may be on the verge of being potty trained! He is FINALLY getting number 2 down after issues and regression after little c was born.

-Thank GOD for my mom. Can you believe how much she has given up to help me/Caysen out? Amazing. I'm sure I'll have more on this later.

-My iPhone is dangling by a thread. Just barely hanging on. iOS 7? It's like a bad acid trip.

-I still think Camden needs gymnastics or some sort of event to look forward to. He's wearing me out, but with as much as we have going on I think one more thing on our plate and we might break. Or break something at least.

-Our families are amazing. SO SO SO glad we live nearby. It truly takes a village!

Maybe next time I'll have a post of more substance. Can you believe October is flying by? It shall soon be time for Caysen's big surgery. Slow down Father Time!

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