Thursday, October 14, 2010


When I was younger, I never really had a nickname. I didn't get a nickname that stuck until I was 16 or so and got my first job as a car-hop at Sonic. One of the managers there decided that my curly hair reminded him of a poodle, thus, the nickname stuck. Friends and co-workers would call me "Poodle" and I would quickly respond. Others would over hear it and ask if I felt that was rude or making fun of me, but I knew where it came from and what was meant by it and never took any offense to the nickname. Moving on from that job, the nickname sorta disappeared. Once I was no longer surrounded by the people using the nickname, I have since reverted back to the usual "Courtney". Now, if someone were to call me Poodle, I would be taken aback, as I just am not used to it anymore.

Before Camden was born, Chris and I discussed if we would affectionately call Camden by a nickname. We threw different examples out there, references to animals, to foods, to movies. For example, I suggested Cub, like a bear, and Chris suggested Cambo (in reference to Rambo...Lord help us, Chris knows I hate this one and purposely uses it just to steam my clams).

But since we have brought him home, we have used a variety of names to refer to him. One of my favorites is "The Mister", I also frequently use "Love Monkey" or "Monkey" and Chris calls him "Little Man" and in reference to Pearl being the big sister we call him "Little Brother". We haven't noticed one nickname in particular sticking, and I don't know if he will be called by a nickname as he gets older. Will one particular nickname stick as he gets older and will he become accustomed to it? Who knows.

For now, he is just sweet little boy who grins at me no matter what nickname I call him.

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