Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been slacking on blogging lately. Whoops! Been busy taking care of a little man, what can I say?

No new news, really. But here goes...

We are refinancing our house to an awesome rate and close Monday. Everyone should check into that! Rates are fabulous.

Camden is six weeks old now! Time is flying. If it weren't for the sleepless nights I would want him to stay this way FOREVER.

I go back to work November 8th. Boo. The only positive I can find in this is that it is Daylight Savings the night before and we fall back. I feel like I am going to need it!

Its starting to feel like fall! I don't mind fall, I just don't care for what follows. Loving this weather though!!

That's all for now, maybe something of substance will come at a later date!

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