Monday, October 11, 2010

Reality TV

So I was discussing with a friend the other day the types of TV we watch. Of course, due to my reality loving TV husband, it seems that is the majority of what we watch.

While listing the names of shows we fit in, I realized there really isn't much that we miss out on. It is almost sad in a way, and since I am home with the Mister until November it seems that my reality TV addiction is growing.

We seriously watch some form of reality TV just about every night besides Saturday. Ridiculous!

Here are a few favorites:
*Amazing Race
*Big People/Little World
*Biggest Loser
*Teen Mom
*Top Model (this is allllll me)
*Real World (eh, I don't really care for this one)

One show that I really enjoy is Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant. It's something about watching a horrible train wreck and not being able to look away.

Well, I just wanted to write about something random. :)

More updates on the Mister later!

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