Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

How is it that you are two months old already? These two months have just FLOWN by. Mom has to go back to work in the next two weeks, and she isn't looking forward to spending all that time away from you and missing your sweet snuggles all day long.

This month you have kept me on my toes to say the least. At the beginning of the month you were still eating about every three hours but I couldn't hardly get you to increase your intake. You weren't sleeping that well either. That is when I decided to start making you wait much longer for your meals, and guess what? You weren't so fond of that. You would give all of your I'm hungry cues in an effort to make Mommy give in. But, after the time was up you would eat 5 ounces (or more!) and then you would proceed to sleep for a much longer stretch. Success!! There have been a few 5 and even 7 hour stretches of sleep!

Now you are able to eat, play, sleep and then return to eating during the day all while waiting for your meals without much of an issue. You have settled into a much easier pattern of eat/play/sleep when awake, you spend a lot of your play time now on your back playing with your toys in your activity gym. Speaking of being on your back, you are much more tolerant of that now. You still prefer sleeping on your stomach to any other position, but you will sleep for short stretches on your back if you are swaddled tightly. And boy, do you ever fight that swaddle. Sometimes you will spend up to an hour kicking your feet and wrestling your little hands out. You have managed before to kick the velcro off and expose your midsection where the swaddle meets. Such a strong little boy!
this shot is of you with your little hands wrestled out of your swaddle. :)

Now when you play on your play gym/activity mat, you definitely see yourself in the mirror. Sometimes you can't quit looking at your handsome face! You will talk and coo to yourself, all while batting your toys. You were my cute cross-eyed baby for a better part of the beginning of the month when trying to focus on things. Your eyes seem to be much better now!

Such a little night owl you are! Your bedtimes still tend to be around 11 or so. Mommy has tried and tried to make it earlier in the evening, and you have gone to bed earlier before, but it never seems to fail that you rule to roost and change it up the next night, making mommy wait until later for bedtime. Silly boy!

Your little neck is getting so much stronger and during your awake times and in the evening your favorite thing to do is sit straight up and look around. You are such a little talker now, cooing and smiling when you have a full belly you really tell us how great you feel!

You began smiling when awake and not just when you are dreaming. OHMYGOSH talk about melt Mommy's heart. So adorable!!

You moved up from Newborn diapers to size one at about 6 weeks. We did everything we could to use the last of those Newborn diapers we had, but after many leakage issues and explosions we gave that one up pretty quickly! You are wearing 0-3 month clothes comfortably. You outgrew Newborn clothes by six weeks or so, but we made sure to stuff you in each of your outfits at least once before moving up the size.

Lately, if I leave you for a bit I have noticed you hearing my voice and finding me with your pretty blue eyes and then realizing that I am not holding you. Once this happens you begin to cry for your Mom. Such a Momma's boy you are!

We are definitely enjoying our time together little one, running errands, snuggling, or going to appointments. Mommy loves when others see such a precious little baby and can't help but oohh and aaahh over such a sweet baby boy. You always seem to be comfortably quiet on our outings!

Starting November 15th you will begin daycare through my work. Mommy is so devastated to have to leave you in the care of others, but she is so glad that you will be nearby and can visit anytime she wants. We will see how you handle the change!

Well, Mister, we have thoroughly enjoyed this month with you, and are looking forward to the next ones to come!

Love you,

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