Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Four Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

Whew! Where has this year gone? I can't believe you are four months and about to celebrate your first Christmas. I never realized how quickly time really does pass and I am reminded of the Bible verse, James 4:14 that says "You do not know about tomorrow. What is your life like? For you are a puff of smoke that appears for a short time and then vanishes". I feel this about how quickly you are growing up. Blink and you may miss it! Time has a whole new meaning for this Mommy.

This month has been another busy month for you...

On top of getting your first cold, you had your first Thanksgiving where you got to meet a lot of family, first time in the church nursery, you went to a few Christmas parties and you rolled over for the first time!

above: With Cousin Katie
below: With Cousin Katie and Cousin Candace

with Great Granddaddy at Thanksgiving!!

You were a little angel at all of the Christmas parties, besides a little projectile spitting at one of them. Oops! Luckily it landed on tile floor and not on anyone holding you. You are perfectly content to be passed around to people, and you just sit there and play with your hands or look around at your surroundings. At one of the parties we were there for about four hours and you were perfect. The people there kept saying, "He is SO good, I can't believe he is that good!" Or, "How did you get such a good baby for your first one?". Needless to say, Mommy was so proud.

You are currently wearing 6 months clothes pretty comfortably, but you still wear 3-6 months too. We weighed you a week before Christmas and you were at least 15 pounds. You are such a cute little chunk!

You are still in a size two diaper pretty comfortably. You still have a "snacking" problem when it comes to eating. Some days at daycare you will eat bigger meals of four ounces, other times you only eat 2 ounces on and off all day. Mom is so excited to be able to start you on rice cereal here very soon!

Sleeping. Oh, sleeping. You vary so much on your sleep habits! I never can tell what you are gonna do. Some days you will have really awesome nights and sleep 8 straight hours, then the next night you will only sleep for 3 hour intervals. What's that about, little man?

Speaking of sleeping, you are definitely a thumb sucker. You find your left thumb to your mouth like a pro now, yet you still don't find the thumb on your right, instead you prefer to suck on your fist or your pointer/middle/ring fingers. But if you need to soothe yourself, in goes the thumb!

You are getting more and more mobile these days. You are getting more trunk control and your head stays in place rather nicely unless you are tired. :) You love to scoot around when on your belly and scoot those feet under you and put your butt high in the air. You don't hate being on your back as much as you did initially, sometimes we can even trick you into sleeping on your back. It never lasts for too long but you can do it!

You first rolled on 12-12 at exactly 16 weeks. It was while Mommy was at work, and you rolled from your belly to your back. Daddy was with you and said it took you a good 20 minutes and some frustration before you worked up the effort to roll. Later on in the same week Mommy noticed you grabbing your feet for the first time. You are really starting to notice different things and it is so cute to watch!

When we wake you up in the mornings one of my favorite things to see your cute gummy smiles. It never fails that you give them to us while getting you ready, even if you haven't slept well, and it is so precious. Your daddy is in charge of feeding you a morning bottle, changing you and dressing you before leaving while Mommy makes sure she is dressed and ready and has everything all packed up and loaded in the car. We are a good team and just about have our little system down.

This month you have been definitely been more aware of Big Sis. You like to watch her play, and you check her out as she begs for Mommy/Daddy's dinner or as we feed her a treat. Pearl has also taken more of an interest in you. She always has to smell you and the other day while we were giving you your bath, she insisted on hanging her head over the tub to watch. While we were getting ready to pull you out of the tub she insisted on licking your little belly. So cute!

Speaking of tub time, now you are a little kicker in there. You move those feet and splash around, maybe you will be a little swimming fish come summer time?

In the evenings your Daddy has been playing "airplane" with you. It is one of your favorites. He lays down on his back and lifts you in the air and you stiffen your body while he zooms you around making noises. You always look around in awe and when he brings you back down to his chest for a "landing" you burst into the biggest smile. How is it that you are so cute?

You recieved your early Christmas present (okay SUPER early) of your jumperoo and you are SO cute in it. You are still getting a hang of the jumping thing.

Apparently those jumperoos are hard work. :)

This month you have also been big on blowing bubbles and cooing at us. It is so cute, but so messy at the same time! You are awful proud of learning your new skill though and will proudly 'talk' to us as much as you can!

Mommy is so proud of all of your little accomplishments and you have been an absolute blessing to our lives this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed the last four months and are looking forward to this Christmas and many more to come!

I'll like you for always,


  1. Awe! What a sweet update. I know that your first Camden Christmas is going to be awesome! I need a baby fix now, haha.

  2. He is so beautiful! I keep Marcie hopping about his updates and pictures!!
    Thane loves to see him!
    Thane's mom