Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming...

This week marks the final few days before Christmas! The holidays are coming on quickly and strongly for us as we have already been super busy with family/work Christmas parties.

We have had multiple work Christmas parties (namely I have) and have had my Mom's side of the family Christmas in OKC this past weekend. It was great to see the family that we NEVER get to see and to catch up with them, and to spend time with my adorable Granddaddy.

Thankfully, we are done with our shopping and now just have to get through the madness that is the holidays. I usually dread Christmastime just because it is so chaotic with the multiple families and having to coordinate where to be and when to make sure everyone is happy. And on top of that having to work. every. single. day. (I think this is why the past two years I have been so sick that it takes me two weeks to recover!)

This year the madness is no different as we have added a 'tiny human' to the mix that seems to make everything slightly more challenging. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more excited about Christmas and sharing the first one with Camden. It's going to be great! My brother and sister-in-law will FINALLY get to meet Camden!!! I honestly couldn't be more excited!!

I just can't wait until the year when I have some PTO and can afford to take a day off around that time to actually enjoy it all.

So, I apologize if posting is few and far between. But, I will have Camden's four month post ready on Wednesday. Go me!

To wrap this up, I just want to state how thankful I am for this year, despite its trials and triumphs. Overall, I want to acknowledge how blessed we truly are. Such a special time of the year to remember who it is that blesses us so.

Merry Christmas!

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