Saturday, March 12, 2011

I know you are growing up fast, but time for school already??

{This is how Camden feels about school :)}

Yesterday Camden and I went to visit my sister at work. She teaches 3rd grade Special Education. Camden and I arrived early and he finished up his nap while I snapped the above picture.

Once the kids arrived, we did introductions and then I read a book to the class while Camden sat in the group with Aunt Marcie and listened. We read Take Me to the Zoo and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The kids, including Camden, were good listeners.

For the most part the kids just LOVED him. They would shake his hand and talk to the baby, it was just adorable. It is something that you have to see on video to get the full effect! (too bad we don't have video) Camden was well behaved, checked everyone out and was a good listener when there was Show and Tell, I think he really enjoyed T's Tickle Me Elmo. I told Camden if he was a good boy he might get one in the near future. :)

Marcie got to show him off to everyone she worked with and I really think he would have enjoyed staying up there with the kids all day long!

It was a nice little field trip on Mommy's day off. Monday is my other day off and we are planning on going to OKC to visit Grandaddy so that should be another interesting trip!!

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