Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seven Months: A Letter

Well Mister, you are now officially closer to a year than a newborn! ::Cue crying noises from Mommy:: Where does the time go? It feels like sand slipping through my fingers, are I can barely keep the sand from sliding through. In an effort to remember those little tiny grains of sand, it is time for yet another letter.

This month you have changed so much! You perfected sitting up while Mommy was out of town on February 26 and 27 at 6 months and 4 days. Daddy told me you had it mastered and I couldn't believe my ears. He video taped it to show me as proof!

You have tried a wide variety of fruits and veggies this month and have added peaches, mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, butternut squash, prunes/plums, watermelon, asparagus and chicken to your arsenal. We are enjoying mixing different flavors for your meals. You make the cutest sour face when we give you berries or something thicker in texture. You started eating three meals a day. At about 6 and a half months you started wigging out at daycare because you saw another little boy eating his breakfast and you had none. Needless to say, it was time for another meal for you! You drink significantly less milk now that you have solids, making sure you drink enough is a concern. You did go through a bit of trouble pooping because of your lack of liquids through your system. We gave you prune juice and plum and apple combinations and finally we had success! Since then we cut back a little on the amount of solids to be sure you are drinking enough! You drink on average 4-5 bottles of Mommy milk a day and nurse, ranging from 3-6 ounces each time. You really don't have a set routine but you are really good at just going with the flow.

You are loving going on walks and getting outside in the fresh air. We try to take your sister out for frequent walks and Mom is estatic that the grass is greening and the air is warming. Bring on springtime and the great outdoors!

You are moving up a size again in clothing. Won't you just slow down? Mommy and Daddy dressed you one morning for daycare in size six month pants. When Mommy went to pick you up, you were pantless. When she asked why it was because they couldn't put you back in those pants with just one person. Somehow Mom and Dad managed to wedge you in there and to get you back in them it was going to take an act of God! Needless to say, you are wearing 6-9 month pants or 9 month pants that are big, and your onesies are anywhere from 6 months and up. You are growing a nice round belly, so some things are a little tighter than others.

You are wearing a size three diaper.

You are getting on hands and knees and rocking back and forth. You will even get on your hands and push up into a bridge position on your hands and feet. You are so strong, yet you just haven't found the muscle coordination to crawl. Thank goodness. :)

Sleep is so so so different now that you are eating solids. You are MUCH better at sleeping through the night, and about a week after your six month mark you decided you needed to start putting yourself to bed an hour earlier, meaning you were usually down by 8 or so! You sleep fairly soundly, occasionally waking up and needing your paci to return back to sleep, but Mommy swears you sleep better without it. We usually wake you about 530 for the day, and you are still taking about an hour and a half to two hours worth of naptime during the day. You are such a good baby though, even if you are sleep deprived you are still incredibly happy.

Still no teeth. You woke up at daycare one day crying and screaming and they asked for permission to give you Tylenol. They said they couldn't figure out why you woke upset, that is so out of character for you! So who knows, maybe it was teeth, or just a bad day. Only time will tell!

You have perfected a fake cough when you want attention. You will be sitting and playing and then when you see Mom or Dad walk by you give this little half-hearted cough or three so we will pay attention to you. So funny!

You have had a few new firsts this month. We took you to your first (of many!) Home and Garden Show where you were quite content to kick your feet and watch the crowd. You also had your first time to sit upright like a big boy while Mommy and Daddy rode bikes. You sit up on your own and bathe sitting up. You are growing, changing and morphing into a little boy before my eyes! I can't believe how quickly time passes and I am savoring every moment with you, smothering you in little kisses.

Love you always,

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  1. I always love reading your monthly letters to Camden because Hudson seems to be just right behind him on so many things. I'm the same way with wondering if he's getting enough milk. I'm going to add a "lunch meal" in soon but am hesitant because I feel like he's cut back a lot on milk. We also had the pooping issue! Prunes and/or pear juice seem to help Hudson.