Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sick Out!!

Fair warning...the following picture is GROSS!

But I was pretty impressed that I managed to capture it. It was a complete accident by the way!!


  1. Ha ha, love the booger pic--such is the life, huh?! ;) THanks for your comment on my blog! To answer your question, no, E was not weaned when I got pregnant. I continued to nurse her for about two and a half months. Although, due to her natural weaning and getting pregnant, my usually ample milk supply went down a bit. Not that big of a deal since we were heading toward the home stretch, but it is a factor! Hope that helps, and your blog is super cute!

  2. That isn't gross... That is awesome. I do that everyday at work. I refer to myself as the booger nazi. I can't stand boogie noses. And its like a treasure hunt when you go to wipe the snot running down and a big green one goes along for the ride. SCORE.