Sunday, August 21, 2011

12 Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,
You have been a very busy boy this past month. You managed to perfect walking and you are constantly on the go. Mommy and Daddy took a holiday to Australia for two weeks of this month and as much as they enjoyed it, being away from you just killed Mommy. We set up multiple skype dates so that we could see you while we were overseas.

The morning we left we woke up to find you covered in vomit in your crib. (ew). Daddy gave you some of your morning bottle and you managed to vomit that all over daddy right before leaving for the airport. We had to send all of the mess with your Grandma to get cleaned up! We called to check in on you multiple times and they said you were doing better. By the time you got handed off to your CiCi you still weren’t feeling tip top and threw up again with her. She took you to the doctor and it turns out you had a double ear infection. We finally got a referral to an ENT and our appointment is in a few days. We will see what that will bring!

CiCi said that while we were gone you had gotten so good at walking that you can just hold a finger and walk beside her. How is it possible that you got this big so fast? You were able to take a good 30 steps or so without falling around July 29th. So at about 11 months and a week you were a mover and a shaker, for good!

You are still wearing a size four diaper and are wearing 12 month onesies and mostly 12-18 month pants or outfits. You can fit in onesies as small as 9 months but your pants usually have to be bigger. Your shoe is a size three.

You are eating about three ounces of food each meal and are still drinking lots of milk. Milk is your favorite! We tried to switch you over from breast milk to whole milk cold turkey and you were not having that. So we have been slowly mixing to try and get you to switch. You have become quite the picky eater lately. You want to feed yourself and if we feed you something you don't want, you will spit it out at us. And when I say spit it out, I mean it's like blowing a raspberry at us - that food gets some distance. You are currently a big fan of crackers, cheerios, avocados, apples. You have been difficult with all veggies lately. Oh well.

When you are not dealing with a double ear infection your sleep has been pretty regular, two naps a day and a long sleep overnight. This will change soon when you move up rooms at daycare which is now scheduled for the 29th. We will have to see how you do switching to one long nap a day! There have been a few random days where your nap time is only TWENTY MINUTES. This is definitely not enough! And my son, for initially seeming like a thumb sucker you sure have taken a liking to your pacifier. You always seem to find it and it works best if you have it to sleep! Mommy and Daddy are going to try and get in the habit of going into your room and pulling that pacifier out of your mouth at night like we used to do! :)

This month you have started to wave bye, point at things that you are interested in and are even getting the hang of saying Momma and Dadada. It's adorable! We are still practicing your sign, I wish we were more consistent with it. I think if you were, you would have it down! We will keep practicing though! You absolutely LOVE to look at pictures of yourself on the "birthday wall" at daycare. Every morning we go in and look at our pictures, and you get the biggest and goofiest grin!
{your wall at daycare}

You hate having your diaper changed. You wiggle and roll and usually scream and cry. As soon as it is over and we sit you up, you forget what you were fussing for. Silly Camden!

You are still a HUGE fan of bathtime. You splash and play and continue to drink most of the tub water while you are in it. No wonder you aren't thirsty anymore after bathtime! A few nights ago you felt that your bath time wasn't long enough so you helped yourself to splish-splashing in Pearl's bowl. What a mess you made!

Well Camden, I can't believe that you are turning ONE. It was such a fantastic year! I want you to slow down a little so that these fun stages last longer, but at the same time I can't wait for what is to come!

I'll love you forever and like you for always, as long as I'm baby you'll be!


  1. So he isn't even my child and I cried!!! ;) Happy FIRST Birthday Camden!! I know your mommy and daddy love you soo much!! I can't wait to watch you grow up either!

    P.S. Go to and you can write on your photos!! It's super addicting! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Camden! I'm happy to know that I do not have the only child who pitches a total fit during diaper changes. ;) Let me know how the ENT apt. goes!!