Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well it is no secret that we have been having ear issues at our house. We got our first ear infection in April and since then it has been a vicious cycle with varying antibiotics and poor sleep habits. I have done some research for different options on how to fix this problem. Chiropractor? ENT?

Hm. Chiropractor you may ask? Well, Mommy groups out there swear by having a chiropractor work on your baby and you won't even need tubes. The story is that the neck gets turned from being in the birth canal and this causes fluid build up in the ears.

Say what? Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well, I did some research and found opinions but not much real written literature regarding this. So, I turned to good old Facebook, and proceeded to message an acquaintance from high school that is now a chiropractor in town. He told me the benefits of his profession and went on to explain that he didn't know much about using chiropractic care on little ones to reduce ear infections. He gave me different scenarios and options. In the end, he actually spoke against it, which rather shocked me. He said that he didn't feel that he could recommend it as there hasn't been enough peer-reviewed empirical research regarding treatment and babies. WHOA. He also said he did not know of anyone in the area that works on little ones that he would recommend.

So, thus leads us to our ENT appointment. Today. I am sure hoping that this doctor will be able to give me some insight and we can get this straightened out. I do feel that tubes are the best option for us at this time, and I feel better knowing that I did research my options.

Now can someone please fix Camden, and quick? I am so tired of seeing him holding his ears, sticking his fingers in there and fussing, and even grabbing them while sleeping. Surely that means something is fixable, right?

More to come.

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