Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Boy: A Letter

Dear Camden,

Today you are a whole YEAR old. I am shocked and amazed at how quickly this year has passed, and how overwhelmed with joy I am when I wake up every morning to your smiling face. It feels like just yesterday that your Daddy and I were holding this tiny 7 pound 4 ounce bundle in blankets, looking down into your handsome blue eyes and just picturing what the next year would be like. At that time we had spent the past nine months dreaming and imagining and wondering and praying about what was to come.

I remember hoping you would inherit our blue eyes and my blonde hair. You definitely succeeded in having the handsomest baby blues in the tri-state area and your hair grew lighter a few months after your arrival. Daddy also swears you got Mommy's double chin. You also inherited quite a bit of both of our personalities. You are a busybody and always on the go like your Daddy, you have to be doing something, or learning how things work when you are awake. Mommy can't wait for the day when you will actually sit still for more than three minutes. And just like your Mommy you are excellent in knowing what you want how to get it. ;)

I can look back on this past year and I am amazed at how much has changed. You are so big now. During those first sleepless nights I remember thinking you were NEVER going to get the hang of sleeping. Just the other day as I laid you down in your bed and said "night night", I was amazed at how quickly you cuddled up. You tucked your little hands under your belly, turned your head to the side and gave a big contented sigh. Gone are the days of rocking my sweet baby to sleep, but at the same time I love how easy it is to put you down for the night.

I remember all of the sickies. Those times where you would cry out and hold your ears, or when you couldn't breathe through your adorable little nose. I remember that feeling of helplessness, that feeling of hurt that I can't do anything to make it better. But I have cherished those times when I get to cuddle, hold and doctor you with extra TLC in an attempt to get you to feel better. There's nothing quite like knowing that you still need me.

We love watching you grow and learn new things each day. My heart swells with pride when you mimic something that Mommy or Daddy has taught you. Watching you learn and take in this whole new world is nothing short of amazing, and I thank God daily that he chose me to be your Mommy. You taught us how to be parents. You taught us the ups and the downs, with a few bruises and scrapes along the way. We learned that you have to always be prepared, you can't ever pack too many extra outfits, diapers or wipes. We learned that we can't let you play in Grandpa's truck, you are surely to take a fall, and that wherever there is a corner, your forehead is sure to find it. At the same time we are learning that we can't protect you from EVERYTHING. Boy, is that a hard lesson to learn. Thankfully, your heavenly father will take care of you when we can't!

Camden, I am so blessed to be your Mommy. You are intelligent, witty and ornery. I have loved every second spent with you, even the sickies. And as sad as I am to see this past year pass so quickly, I am so incredibly excited for what is to come.

Love you to the moon and back,

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