Friday, August 26, 2011

Ears, Part II (Alternately titled: Hand, Mouth, Foot...What???)

Well, we went to the ENT. Little C was ADORABLE while he was there. He had napped well and just had a snack so he was a good little booger. He played in the play area then they called us back for a hearing test.

First thing they do is put this little rubber stopper in his ears and get a reading for the amount of pressure in the ear. This showed fluid behind the left ear, the right ear was okay at the time.

Next, he sat on my lap and they shut the door, and then played sounds out of speakers on either side of the chair. It sounded like a heartbeat when it played and if he looked the right direction he was rewarded with a monkey that would light up and play the drums. Ohhhh boy did he find this game FUUUUN! He thought that by waving he was setting them off. So he would stare intently at one and flail his arms around trying to set them off. He was babbling and GAH GAH GAH-ing and it was adorable. There were plenty of times when it would go off and he would completely miss it until she set the monkey off on the other side. So then he would snap his head around the other direction and continue waving to get it's attention. He didn't do so well with the quieter noises but he did really well turning to his name.

In the end, he had mild hearing loss. We met with the doctor who was very nice and explained the risks and benefits of tubes. In the end, we decided to go for it and we set up an appointment for Monday the 29th. I was pumped because Camden has still been waking up at night and crying out, so I knew something is still off, so sooner was okay with me.

Fast forward to today. I get a call telling me that my insurance wants pre certification so they had to push it to NEXT FRIDAY. (sad face). And I had already done a twenty minute pre-op with the other location for Monday! Boo.

In conclusion, a week we must wait.


So I picked up Camden from daycare today and noticed that what I thought was a diaper rash had spread to his legs/arms and hands. EW! I called the pedi real quick to get a once over before the weekend, especially after I noticed what appeared to be little blisters on his fingers. OW!

Turns out it is Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease. What is that you ask? Me too, cause I didn't have the FAINTEST idea. It is a highly contagious viral infection. It is something that you cannot fix but also cannot prevent therefore he does not need to be isolated or kept home from daycare. There is nothing extra I can do either except Caladryl and monitor. Then he said "It is likely to get much worse before it gets better". Awwww, that is no fun!

This leads me to my next question....CAN WE PLEASE CATCH A FLIPPIN' BREAK?? Lol. Poor kid has had it rough lately!

Cheers to a better week next week!! :)


  1. Um...CRAP! I hope it clears up fast, that sounds like no fun at all. But yea for solving the ear issues soon :)

  2. Poor guy!!! We thought that Hudson might have had that this year but it ended up being Roseolla. Dawson had something very similar to HFM last year and it was not fun! I hope that he gets well soon. Good luck with the tubes!!