Tuesday, May 22, 2012

21 Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

As we draw ever closer to 2 years, I'm amazed at how big you have gotten every day. This month it seems like we can't teach you enough to satisfy you. You are learning new body parts and words by the minute, and jabbering up a storm. 

You are wearing 18 month clothes, and 18-24 month pants. You are wearing a size five shoe, and your adorable giraffe Toms are starting to fit better and they are RIDICULOUS. Sometimes I can't take the cuteness. You are wearing a size five diaper, still cloth diapering on the nights when I can start laundry as soon as you wake. (it stiiiiinks).

You had a doctors appointment on the 10th and you weighed in at 25.2 lbs, (28%), height was 32.6 inches (32%--there's no way this could be accurate with the way you fight having to lay down at the doctors office. Laying down=shots, so I don't blame you). Head was 47.4 cm (29%). 

You are sleeping from about 8 until 5:30 in the morning and napping 2-3 hours. You have a new bedtime routine. We set your room up and you have to say night night to Curious George, your new wall painting. You then say goodnight to your animals, good night to your cars. Then you proceed to holler for BEARRRLLL and she comes trotting in. I have to pick her up and you kiss her goodnight, give Mommy a kiss, Daddy a kiss and you lay down. Some nights you talk yourself to sleep, other nights you go willingly.

Speaking of Pearl, your relationship with her is adorable. You yell for her all the time, look for her when you wake up. You like to bring her toys, trying to get her to play with YOUR favorite toys for her. You think it's funny when she takes her toys from you, laughing and grinning. You will pet her and kiss her, and listening to you yell for her is just adorable.

You are learning new words by the minute. You are getting better at stringing words together, we are making you say "more milk please mom" and things like that. We usually have to walk you through that many words, but you're getting there. You hate being told 'no', but are getting much better at dealing with it. You say thank you all the time without being prompted. I can't express how sweet that is! I want that to last forever. 

Your new room at school is going well! You adjusted right in with your new teachers, and you LOVE getting to see your favorites on the playground. They say that you always go to play with them on the playground, not your new teachers. Silly boy. You are napping well over there, eating well and enjoying crafts. You are mostly playing well, but after 9 days in the new room you got a little mouthy. And by mouthy, I mean that you bit a friend. And not tired to bite, you connected. And you were unprovoked. Unfortunately, you still have a bottom molar that just won't break through. It is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and we seem to think that your frustration with the pain associated with teething makes you a little bite-y. So my little crocodile, we are hoping that comes through soon! 

You graduated swimming lessons with two more ribbons. I'm so proud of you and your comfort levels in the water. You were fussy your last few swim lessons, wanting to do what you wanted and not what we were instructing you to do. So strong willed! By the last one you were able to row with you hands, and kick with your feet. Not at the same time, but we will get there. You can 'dive' underwater, you can jump in, and float on your back with assist. We are officially ready for swim season!

Your favorite thing this month has been watering and mowing. You are LOVING all of Daddy's outside chores. As soon as we get home from anywhere you ask to 'mow mow' and will run over to the mower and start pointing at it, the weed eater and the blower and just jabber away. If it's not a mow day, you will gladly help us water. You have three different watering cans and you love to get them filled and water the plants we point you to. You cry when it's time to stop and go in. Such a little helper! 

We made your second trip to the zoo and you seemed to throughly enjoy it. You know most of the animals we saw, so it was fun to really see them in person. Mommy and Daddy decided to buy a year membership. It was only 65 bucks and will pay for itself after two or three more trips, and it's good til May of '13 and its a tax write off. After showering or bathing you always ask for "mick-me woom". That's because you want to watch Mickey in your room. Such a silly kid you are. We try to get you to watch Veggie Tales but nothing else seems to catch on right now. You will cry as soon as we switch over. One of these days it'll catch! :)

Little Crocodile, we love you so much. Keep learning!

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