Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend recap

There is so much happening lately, that it's hard for me to be able to keep track of everything that I want to blog.
The weekends just fly by, you know? I feel like I can barely cram all the things I want to get done into my two days off on the weekend. It goes unbelieveably fast. 

This saturday morning we spent at my brother in law and sister in law's house, where husband helped build a fence. Camden and I went to hang out with the company, it was lots of fun. Camden loved their outside toys and enjoyed playing at someone's house that wasn't his. He got to watch Elmo and only had two mishaps, falling off a chair and falling off a bed he climbed on.  I was discussing this with husband the other day, about how he has no concept to be careful of heights because he has always had us catch him before he falls and hurts himself. Unfortunately it seems the best way to learn about heights is to fall a few times. That sounds so mean though, doesn't it? After being repeatedly told to sit down in the chair and then falling, he quickly learned to stay seated the rest of the time. 

Anyways, we stopped at the first day of the Broken Arrow Farmers Market and preused the fresh goodies and soaps. There was so much to see and Camden excitedly pointed out every 'dog' that he saw along the way. It took all I had to not buy some goat cheese and goat soap. So cool!

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to attend. It was for a co-workers son, and they happen to live right down the street. I woke Camden up from nap early, and we headed down the street. Same story for Camden, he LOVED playing at someone else's house, with someone else's toys. He went down their slide, played on the trampoline and dug for fossils. He refused cake, but loved the koolaid.

That evening we ran to Reasor's to go to their meat sale. We got a bunch of KC strips and some ribs for decent prices. We stopped and got pizza for dinner and came back home in time to put Camden to bed.

Sunday went equally as fast. We had our usual Sunday morning waffles and went to church. Camden has been a picky with sleep kid this weekend. He is SO tired, yet really fighting sleep. He will lay in bed and emit a high pitched scream or just talk to himself non-stop before finally going to bed. This being said, he was about 2-3 hours short of sleep both days, so by the time we picked him up from LifeKIDS on Sunday, he was sooooo tired looking. His favorite teacher comes in at 1130 and we pick him up at 1200. Luckily, fussy pants mcgee really responds to this sweet girl, so she held him and he calmed right down. She said that the other workers asked "how did you do that?" and she just answers that he just really likes her. Which he does. He runs up to her and fights other kids off of her lap, and clings to her for the 30 minutes she's in the room. After church we came home and had a quick lunch and put Camden to bed before heading back up to church for a meeting. Afterwards there was Nascar and naptime for Hubs and I, and then we went to dinner at the in-laws, got the boys haircuts and then headed home.

It was a great weekend, but it just went SO fast. Such is life. I may never catch up, but who cares! I have too much fun family time to enjoy!

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