Thursday, May 24, 2012

25 Random Things..

25 Random Facts. Because everyone is doing it.

-I hate my socks to be mated. Husband helped with laundry the other day and mated my socks. It is wrong on so many levels.

-I love buying shoes. Its almost always something that I can guarantee that will fit. Can't go wrong there!

-I feel so very pampered when I get a pedicure. They are so ridiculous for someone else to paint your toes but if they do a good job and rub and massage? It's totally worth it. And am I the only one that swears the polish lasts longer when someone else paints it?

-I usually get my hair cut about 4 times a year. My hair is extremely boring. I don't color it anymore, its too much upkeep and just an added expense. And my hairstyle will probably never change. I cut it short, let it grow and repeat. Four times a year. Hey, it's curly. What more do you expect?

-I don't like getting in water that I can't see my feet in. I think it's disgusting not knowing what's down there, and apparently this means I watch WAY too much reality TV. But seriously? Gross y'all.

-I'm not a huge fan of surprises. Good or bad, I guess I don't like feeling unprepared. However, I do think that I am extremely good at my poker face. So if it's bad? You won't know. If it's good? I won't know how to express it. So be warned!

-I hate grocery shopping. I am not good at planning ahead at my meals for the week, and I always tend to forget something at the store. Also, chasing around a crocodile toddler? Makes it that much more challenging. I don't mind it so much when I get to go ALONE. Sans toddler and husband and I can try on Target clothes as I please. :)

-Horses are my favorite. Those of you that knew me in high school know that I had a horse, and I spent every waking hour at the barn, riding, cleaning tack, bathing my horse or just playing. I have the BEST memories from that.

-I have self diagnosed SAD. (Seasonal Affective Disorder for you non med field folks). I absolutely get so depressed once we have to close up the pool and the winter and cold makes me cranky, irritable and downright depressed to have to deal with. This past winter? AMAZING. It was great.

-My favorite candy bar is a Kit Kat.

-I love sleeping. Back in the day, BC (Before Camden) Husband and I would hit the hay by 9p, and sleep until 6 before getting up for work. On good days we would go to the gym at 445. Nowadays I am lucky if I am in bed before 10, and I am up by 515. I do miss my bed. A lot.

-One of the best parts of summer in my opinion is homemade ice cream. My grandmother used to always do that for us, I loved it.

-I eat a ridiculous amount of peanut butter. I know I've said this before, but Husband thought that Camden would come out being made of peanut butter. And my love for all things PB remains. In fact, I have a PB&J daily for lunch. I probably need to work on that.

-I stumble over words way more often that I'd like. Especially in front of people when I am leading groups at work. I called a 'button' a 'nutton' the other day. #fail

-Something I love and despise all at the same time regarding my job? Working every third weekend. It's a love/hate relationship.

-No one ever understands what my job entails. Its hard to describe at times.

-Reality tv may be my downfall. Its so annoying. And I love it.

-I have cleaned a toilet ONE TIME in this house in five years. Winning! (And no this doesn't mean they are dirty, it means my husband is awesome!)

-I really want to run in a 5k. That should be so easy but working weekends makes that harder. Also someone needs to train...

-My dog is so spoiled its unreal. She has her own pillows, platform to look out the window and goes to doggie daycare daily. She was my first baby!

-I have no tattoos. That is odd for this day and age. I just can't think of anything important enough to put on my body permanently. Well, I take that back. I could think of a few things but no where to put it that it wouldn't be annoying where I'd have to cover it up or something ridiculous like that.

-I really want to take a vacation somewhere this year. But I'd like to go somewhere new. And? A true vacation is sans toddler. I love my child, but a relaxing vacation needs to be without having to decide what he will eat, when we can nap, etc. I can't wait to vacay to Disney sometime, but for now? No kid. If I would go somewhere repeated? NYC. So much awesomeness to do there.

-I hate math. I am not very good at it, either. I took an extra math class my senior year of high school so that I wouldn't completely suck it up in college. I gasped for air all the way through my math classes in college and was thrilled to be done after college algebra and elementary statistics. Lets just say Little C better go to his Dad for help with math when he gets older!

-I can't listen to the Beatles song "In My Life" without crying. Memories!

-I'd rather eat raw cookie dough, with raw eggs even (sick!) than have a cooked cookie. I'm seriously addicted to cookie dough. It's bad.

I think that's about 25. And let me just say, that took some time!

Okay, your turn!


  1. I think nail polish lasts longer when I've had my nails done!! By the way, I will be going sometime before the middle of July. Want to make it a date? I don't clean our toilets either. I'm not the one that pees all over it so why should I have to clean it?! Also, your last one got cut off or something?

  2. I had to laugh a the toilet cleaning. I'm the same way with changing our sheets. Geoff always put the new ones on. I called him this week to tell him that I put sheets on our bed by myself for the first time since we have been married.....almost 8 years.