Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Midweek Randoms

Things have been more than hectic around here lately.

-Camden had his last swim class. We are stopping since it's time for pool season, and homeboy was starting to get fussy while in swim class. Time to play for the summer.  He did get two ribbons, so he had one proud momma for all of the skills he did accomplish.

-Glee last night was amazing. It touched on so much - like domestic violence and bullying. I may have cried a little. They get so deep. Then Lea Michele sang Celine Dion. She's so good. Goosebumps.

-I am doing horribly on getting to the gym more than twice a week. It's rather unfortunate. With swim lessons on Tuesday and husband has soccer on Thursdays it doesn't leave me as many options as I would like. Definitely need to change that. As much as I like my off weekends, maybe it's time I change that.

-Interns started this week. Whew. Here's to a busy ten weeks.

-Camden is so cute these days. He's picking up on all sorts of stuff but one of my favorites is listening to him call for "BURLLL". He calls for "burl/bearl" as soon as he wakes up. He gives her hugs, and most importantly he calls for her before bed so he can give her a goodnight kiss. It is incredibly precious.

-That's all I've got. Hopefully more things of substance later. Once I catch my breath!

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