Friday, June 22, 2012

22 Months.

Dearest little one who is not so little anymore,

How did you get to be so big? I can't believe you are less than two months away from being TWO! You are so big now. You are now 22 months, you were born on the 22nd, and 22 is my lucky number. I hope that means we are in for a great month! 
This past month I feel like you have continued to spurt up in all of your milestones. You are running all over the place, all the time. You are starting to string two and three word sentences together more and more. The other day I went to pick you up from school and I swear you said "open the door please" and I about fell over. Since when did you talk like that? We are continuing to work on your please and thank you, as well as your tendency to flail around when you are upset. Fit throwing happens pretty often nowadays, but we are trying to teach you how to communicate through them. 

You take after your hard headed daddy in so many ways. You like to be independent, and even though I have tried to teach you the word 'help', it's like you are determined to NOT use it. You are constantly swiping our hands away or saying "no" or "move" when you want to be left alone to figure things out for yourself. We've always known you were strong willed, and boy you are really showing it!

This past month you managed to injure yourself pretty impressively. You pulled a heavy lawn chair across your toe, causing your toenail to bend back and bleed. You cried pretty hard, and finally after three weeks your toenail came off. Now you just have a cavernous hole that looks like a toenail is there, but upon inspection you can see that this isn't the case. You also managed to fall off of said lawn chair and bruise your head, as well as fall out of the car at the same time. You continue to trip over your feet daily, they are so pigeon toed I can't say I blame you. If they were my feet, I'd be doing the same! You got another ear infection, your second with tubes. I'll count it as the second because the first was a result of a clogged tube after putting them in back in September. That means we were clear for 8 months. I'll take an ear infection any day with tubes, because this means that they don't hurt as bad and I know what the problem is as soon as I see drainage. You didn't seem to be too bothered besides a couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I feel like you are sleeping less and less these days. You will occasionally take a 45 minute power nap at church, and that usually means that you will refuse your nap that day. Also, you are going to bed later and later and hardly sleeping in. I'm not a fan because I think sleep is so important, but I can't force you to sleep! Also, regarding sleep, you tend to be waking at night and I think that your ear was the main reason. You popped out of bed Monday morning at 4 am, didn't make a sound or cry, and next thing your Dad and I hear is the pat-pat-pat of your little feet running down a dark hallway. Dazed we both sat up in bed trying to figure out what just happened, and that's when we saw your door wide open and knew you had jumped ship. Your Daddy found you in the living room with Scout, the teddy bear that sings songs. You fought going back to bed, but finally gave in.
You are loving swim time at Grandma's, but you are so picky about it. You prefer to play on the edges with your toys, or spend your time filling up water bottles and then dumping them in the skimmer. You repeat this process over and over. And over. And you don't like to be interrupted to go play in the water unless you ask for it! You are such a goof.

I feel like your appetite isn't as huge as it has been in the past, lots of times I swear you only get a little fruit and a lot of milk for your dinner. I do think you could live entirely on fruit snacks and milk if needed. You can wolf down a packet of fruit snacks that grandma gives you for the car ride home before we are completely out of the neighborhood.
You love visiting Grandpa after school when we pick up Pearl.You love watching him do his 'magic' tricks where he pulls a ribbon out of your ear or your belly button, and you enjoy doing art with him. You are quick to climb up in his lap now for a snack and to draw a picture, it's pretty stinkin' cute.

Your favorite shows continue to be Bubble Guppies and you like to watch "Mick-mee woom" after bathtime. Lately you've even started saying "Mick Mouse" or "Mick-mee Mouse". It's pretty darn adorable.

You are wearing most 18-24 month clothes, some stuff as big as 2T. Your Daddy is in denial that you can wear 2T shirts, he still doesn't dress you in them that much. You are wearing a size 5 shoe, and a size 5 diaper that is big on you. You weigh approximately 25.4 pounds, and you can officially stand on the scale and get weighed at the pediatrician. It's been like that for a while, but it's still a shock to Momma. You got weighed a mere four days before this posting, so that's pretty accurate to this posting. (darn those ear infections)

We are working on doing 'light' potty training. When I say 'light', it's that we aren't doing anything serious. We usually take your diaper off you before bathtime and have you sit on "Melmo" (its an Elmo potty seat). You know that if you have success and potty you get an "EM n EM" and you'll be for one even if you aren't successful.  I think you could possibly be the youngest kid ever to get a hernia with the way you sit on the pot. You want and M&M so bad that you push, and when you do you turn red and shake, and you'll work SO hard for those two little drips of pee that earn you a piece of chocolate. Who knew chocolate could be so rewarding? The other night you sat down on you potty and pushed so hard you got a one and a two. Daddy was in charge of pottying at the time and lets just say he was less than thrilled. I found it hilarious! :)

You are not biting as much now that your teeth are through, and we are reading your new favorite book "Teeth Are Not for Biting" thanks to Aunt Marcie. You did have another instance where you got bit at school, come to find out you didn't retaliate (yay!) but you started it by shoving the other kid (boo). Can't win 'em all I suppose!

Love you to the moon and back!

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