Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Randoms

The past weekend was fantastic. I love feeling like I conquered the weekend. Friday night was a chill night. I was so tired from lack of sleep during the week (going out with friends, staying out late taking pictures, a non sleeping little C), that I couldn't manage enough effort to do ANYTHING. 
Saturday I awoke with a vengence. I was up early and I headed to a nearby town to take a few more maternity photos of my dear friend Jennie. We took pictures at their house and in sweet Kinley's nursery before I headed home. Once home, I began my efforts to clean clean clean! I got a bunch of deep cleaning while Chris managed to hang some pictures that needed to be hung and even touch up paint on the baseboards. I worked my way through piles of laundry and worked on a few crafts even. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up little C. We headed over to Hobby Lobby where we got more crafting things, then to the grocery store. That evening we played, cleaned some more, washed cars and chilled before it was time to go to bed. 
Sunday we hit up church and got our volunteer on. Afterwards I busied myself with crafts, steam mopping the floors and making pretzels for Jennie's shower. I even managed to clip and bathe the dog! Then we went to my parents to give my dad his Father's Day gift, then to Husband's parents to see them. Afterwards it was back home where the little mister was finally starting to crash after refusing to take a nap.
So, I mentioned that the littlest C hasn't been sleeping so hot. Well, last Thursday night the little turkey woke up four, that's right - count 'em, FOUR times. By the fourth time it was Husband's turn to go in there and put the little man to sleep, and he did so by demanding that he "lay down!". The other three times little C wanted to cuddle so I wasn't sure if he was just wanting me, or if something was wrong. Everything seemed okay, so it was hard to tell. Little man has been extra clingy lately so it was a crapshoot. Hearing him call out "mommmmmmmaaa" all night was heartbreaking and exhausting! Friday night he slept fine, but it was Saturday morning when we noticed an oozy ear. Gr-ross! So maybe that was the culprit? Luckily, I dug around and found his old ear drops and have been using thouse until I can get him to the doctor. Homeboy has been sleeping okay still, so I had no idea what was up.
So lets fast forward to Sunday night. Everything is going great until, oh about four a.m. It gets quiet and husband and I hear the noise of little feet slapping on the floor. What was it you ask? Oh, he climbed out of his crib AGAIN. No crying, fussing or anything. He woke up and just up and decided it was time to get out and run around. This is another reason I don't think I am NEAR ready to let a toddler bed happen.

I ran errands around like crazy on Monday afternoon, taking the little C to his doctor and picking up his prescription and then the dog, etc, etc. The doctor said some interesting things - one he asked if his nose was super runny and green. It wasn't last time, but it was MAJORLY nasty last week. And come to think of it, his nose stopped up and when it did? His ear started oozing. I never really put two and two together about how they are connected. He said if his nose were still running and green AND his ear was oozing he would have to be on drops for his ear as well as oral antibiotics. SICK! I am so so so so thankful that the nose oozing is gone because I was hoping to avoid an antibiotic. 

So, that's where we are right now. Oozing ear. Climbing out of bed. Lack of sleep. Ya know, the norm!!! 

Have a good week y'all!!!

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