Thursday, June 28, 2012

Short but sweet.

Whew! What have I been up to lately? Here's a quick summary.
I took Jennie's maternity pics. I'll put pictures up soon-ish.
Tiffany and I threw Jennie her baby shower at my house. It was SO much fun!
Camden got sick.
I got sick.
We are still sick.
We transitioned to toddler bed. It's much harder than I thought. Maybe it would have been fine if we had waited another couple of months, but he was already bailing out WAY too often.
We are helping every week night with At The Movies setup for church. Our lobby area is going to look like Ice Age! I'm super pumped because it's coming along nicely. Fog machines, big wooly mammoths, lights and ice caves galore! It should look fantastic.
It's hot here, but is seems to be hot everywhere.
And that's all for now. Hopefully more later!

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