Monday, July 23, 2012

At The Movies: Broken Arrow -- The set up

So, y'all know I LOVE my church, right? 

So when it came time for the At The Movies series - we jumped at the chance to volunteer all week to help put it together. This is right up C's alley, as he loves anything hands on or building anyway. He got to be creative and help with problem solving, so he was really in his element. Thankfully my mom was able to watch little C so we could make this happen. 

We volunteered almost everynight, and it was awesome to see it come together! 

The theme for Broken Arrow Campus was Ice Age. Here are my pictures that I took with my iPhone, so they aren't super amazing but they'll do! 

These pictures are of the wooly mammoth, Manny. Any picture like this will show a progression of him coming together!

These were the "ice caves" in the process of being made. It took a lot of creativity and working with materials we had to figure out how to make them look good. 

These were the icicles that Husband had the task of figuring how to hang on the 8 TV screens we have in the lobby. He really enjoyed being given a task and problem solve on how to get them to hang, but he quickly figured that out in one night, and had them hung all on his own in one hour, so on to the next project it was!

This picture cracks me up, that is the "ice mountain" going up in another corner of the lobby and that would be our worship pastor hanging out on top of it, problem solving on how to get it to look the way he wants, but instead busting a move while up there. :) Get it done Brandon!

This is Manny coming right along! They had to go to 8 different fabric stores to find enough of this wooly mammoth hair to cover this beast!

Pretty awesome huh? Wanna see the finished product?

Stay tuned!!

Don't forget to watch and church online. Last week they did "We Bought a Zoo" and it was amazing, and this weeks is "Moneyball". You can watch Moneyball anytime online for the rest of this week, so check it out! Fantastic message. :)

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