Monday, July 9, 2012

Manic Monday

This morning when husband went in to wake little C, he had such a tough time that he called me to come join. Sure enough little one was sleeping soundly in bed and when husby went to wake him, he vigorously shook his head no and sunk himself deeper into the pillow.

We had to pull him out of bed, the entire time he cried "my bed, my bed" and he just wanted to lay back down. Let me say, it took everything in me to not give in, lay down with him, and just skip monday all together.

He continued to burrow himself into us when holding him and cry for "my bed". Then when it was time to leave the house he cried because he wanted to ride in Dada's car.

I was still wiping the tears from under his eyes when dropping him off at school! Poor baby.

Can't wait for some extra cuddles tonight!!
(apologize for the horrid iPhone picture!!)

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