Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pearl-y Girl-y

We seriously have the best dog. She is so patient. She plays great with Camden. She is loving, and SO obedient. I think it comes from being a rescue dog. One of her favorite things? Playing in the water in the summer. She LOVES the swimming pool and I think she also has self-diagnosed S.A.D. like her momma. She loves summertime! 

I took these shots the other day while we were outside mowing and watering. She was drenched by the time we came inside, but she wouldn't have it any other way. I made sure she got her daily joint pill, because even though she looks like a puppy in these pictures? Homegirl is somewhere around ten. She plays so hard then gimps and sleeps for 2-3 days after. She loves it though! 

We love you Pearl! I'm entering this last photo in The Paper Mama's photo challenge.  I love her sweet, expressive and trusting eyes here. I love that she fully trusts us after being rescued from an abusive home. It goes to show that you can find a happily ever after!! 
What a lucky dog. :)

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