Saturday, July 7, 2012

Toddler Bed Edition

I know I mentioned in passing that Camden had been bailing out of his crib like it was on fire.

Husby and I had done some talking about switching to the toddler rail, but we both would dismiss the idea deciding "he wasn't ready", which really probably translated to 'that's not a battle we are ready to fight' sorta thing.

One night after having a particularly difficult week of little C bailing out two different nights, husband comes in to the bathroom after I get out of the shower to announce he switched to the toddler rail, all while I was in the shower.

Wait, what?!?

As usual with most big parenting steps (like crying it out, ditching the paci) I was in denial that it was time, or that he could do it.

I knew that we were spending most evenings that week at church getting ready for the At The Movies setup week and that my mom was babysitting and would be putting him down. I debated about whether that was a good idea or not, switching and then not being there with him to help him transition. That and making my mom deal with all the issues just didn't seem fair.

That Sunday night took him about an hour to settle. He cried and fussed and kept getting up to come find us. So we kept walking him back and telling him he couldn't get out of bed. We told him the moon and stars were up so it was time for 'night night' and he would repeat 'moon' and 'stars' and sort of semi-comprehend what we were asking.

I almost had myself convinced after Sunday to switch back to the crib rail and tackle the problem Thursday night since we were both off Friday so we could tackle it together. Wonder woman CiCi assured me that she could handle it, so we left it. Monday night he took another 45 minutes or so to fall asleep, according to my mom. She said she had to lay on the floor and wait for him to be completely out before she could sneak out.

Tuesday was quicker, I think he was a little bit more tired than previous days and wasn't up to fighting it all night long. Wednesday and Thursday was just a little bit of fussing before he gave in.

By the time Friday night rolled around and we were both here to put him down, he went down like a champ. A little bit of initial fussing, but down he went.

And the surprising thing? He hasn't tried to get up once during the night, even though it'd be so much easier for him now. He has even woken up and fussed, and I thought for sure I'd hear a kid pit-patting down the hall. To my surprise, he has handled it much better than I thought he would. Heck, he handled it better than I did!!

The only night that he had trouble falling was the 4th of July. I don't blame him, he tried to go to sleep right when our neighborhood starting shooting off so many fireworks it sounded like a warzone. I've never seen it that intense before! He didn't get up to come find us, he just cried out for "mama" and "dada", without getting up. Luckily, with the toddler rail it's much easier for mom and dad to climb in with him. We each took a ten minute shift just laying next to him in his little bed and were able to sneak out without a problem. Bonus! Since he doesn't rock with us hardly any more, laying next to him seemed to do the trick even better.

So, there you have it. Transition complete. Husband decided randomly to do it, and so we kinda just jumped into it. Cici did all the hard work. ;) I recommend it anytime!!
My sweet sleepy boy. Sleeps all over the place, kinda like his Momma. :)


  1. Glad I could help! Seems like you guys had a sneaky plan all along. ;0)

  2. Way to go Cici!! Are you available in 2 years? :)