Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lifechurch: At The Movies. Midtown visit!

I had to work last weekend, so we were unable to go to our regular Lifechurch campus because there is no saturday night service at our campus. Since it was At The Movies preview week, we got to go visit midtown campus. Their campus did a "Tangled" theme, and the lobby was all medieval and their LifeKids area was more cartoonish. It was pretty awesome but I must say, it sure looks like a LOT less work than covering up our campuses LARGE lobby area!

Husband and C checking out the dungeon

This is the stable area, and this area will have a live horse in it on Sunday mornings. I must admit, that was pretty exciting to me!!

Walking in to the campus you walked through a castle. It was pretty cool, definitely gave a neat feeling as you walked in.
This is what you walked in to get to the auditorium. Complete with fake flame! 

This is the LifeKids area, had a big Tangled mural.

This is the other side of the lobby had looked like it had some medieval castle like things. I obviously don't know the technical name!

Leaving through the castle.

A couple last shots of inside the lobby!
And a final shot of the worship. Cause it's AWESOME!

You guys, if you can't physically go to a LifeChurch location and want to be involved in At The Movies, you can watch live online. But trust me, if you really want a full experience? Going to see how the lobbies are decorated are AWESOME and totally worth it. We are going to try to visit another campus so we can really check out how everything is all done up. It's pretty exciting around these parts!! 

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