Monday, November 29, 2010


So, this week has been a busy one, and it is only Monday. Camden officially has his first cold.


I noticed starting on Black Friday that he was extra snotty, but hoped he would get better. As the weekend progressed, things only got worse. Husband and I continue to suck the boogies out of his nose, use baby chest rub to help open the nostrils, run the humidifier at night, and give him fresh milk/nurse as much as possible.

Poor thing still can't hardly breathe, you can hear him all the way across the house. But he's still a happy baby, and thus far has no fever.

The down side is that he sleeps less than he was before, and wants to sleep upright. Which I can't blame him, but that means that Mommy gets to sleep upright. Therefore, I started off this week exhausted.

I went ahead and took him to daycare after carefully reading the rules, and it didn't say anything about colds, just that they can't come if they have a fever. I kept expecting a phone call all day, with them saying, "Come get your snotty kid!", but so far we are in the clear. Hoping everything works out for the rest of this week!

Here's to getting our immunity on!

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  1. Poor little guy! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. It's no fun when they are sick!