Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Months: A Letter

Dear Camden,

You are three months old! I know I say this every month, but, where does the time go? With the end of Mommy's maternity leave and her returning to work, things have felt like a whirlwind around here. You are growing soooo fast and we can't seem to do anything to slow it down!

This month you have been a very busy little boy. The first week of Mommy working you stayed with family. You stayed with Grandma Beeson, Grandma Allen and Grammy Cici. You started to work on sleeping a little longer at nights at that time, (thanks to the help of family making you stay awake during the day) but you are still a night owl and will stay up as late as eleven! The longest stretch of sleep Mommy got was 7.5 hours, so you are starting to make some progress. You still have nights where you only sleep for 3-4hour stretches.

You moved up to size two diapers by start time of daycare. The size ones were becoming low-rise diapers and we have a few pooping incidents so, up a size we went!

You can easily fit into 3-6 month clothes now. You can still wear 0-3 month if it is separates. You are starting to get tall, mister, and the 0-3 month is starting to get a little tight height-wise. The six month stuff is a little big, one night I came in to pick your fussy self up and it was because you had both of your feet pulled out of the footy part and were stuck up where the stomach area of the pajamas are. It was quite the sight to see!

You are becoming quite the chunk, with those yummy baby thighs that have the folds and creases that I have to make sure to clean in between. You even have baby cellulite that is just precious!

At 11 weeks you started noticing your hands. You stare in amazement at them, often times crossing those eyes when trying to focus on something so close to your face. A lot of times you will grip a blanket or burp rag and pull it towards your face and just stare. You are very amazed at your world now, and it is so cute to watch.

You are still not a huge fan of pacifiers. Your Dad seems to have discovered your favorite is the soothies brand, but only if you need it to soothe yourself to sleep or are extremely hungry. Lately, it seems that you have been excelling at getting your thumb into your mouth. You are just nailing it over and over, which confirms Mommy's fears that you just may be a thumb sucker. We shall see!

The people at the daycare seem to love you. They say you are a good boy, and even when you are tired you aren't fussy. I am glad that you are good for them during the day! At night it sure seems to catch up with you, your lack of sleep that is, and that's when you decide to fuss it out a bit. But it's not bad at all, in fact, its cute a lot of the times.

You did have a blow out your first week at daycare, and you were wearing the CUTEST outfit ever. So, of course you would make a mess of it! Speaking of diaper changes, you can be the hardest baby to change. You love to pull those feet and legs up to your belly, making a 3 am diaper change in the almost pitch dark nearly impossible. Your little legs are so strong!

This past weekend we ordered you a jumperoo and boy are you cute in it. You are still too short for it so we have to use a pillow underneath, but you absolutely LOVE to look at the toys on it and kick your feet the best you can. I can't wait until you're bigger to really get a-jumpin'.

You are still a little talker when you are happy, which is something they have noticed at daycare. You talk and coo and squeal and it is SO adorable.

You had lots of firsts this month. First bike ride, first day at daycare, (aka first day without Mommy), first Halloween, first round of multiple shots, first time to notice Pearl. You are a little busy body just like your Daddy!

Well, mister, we love you so much. Mommy and Daddy are loving your snuggles and can't stop kissing those sweet baby cheeks. So yummy! We better get it in while we can, because before long the face in the below picture is probably the one we will get when we do so! ;)

I'll love you forever and like you for always,

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  1. Happy Birthday Camden! The pumpkin pictures and the one of just his face in the car seat is killing me! So adorable.

    I had heard that about the fish, when it gets cold they are supposed to slow down and then you're supposed to stop feeding them. They are still pretty active but I don't think we will feed them anymore after today since it is really supposed to get cold. They did so well and got bigger without any food this summer, so I'm thinking we will only feed them a little once a day instead of what the bag suggested.