Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Letter to FMLA...

Dear Maternity Leave,

I must say, I have rather enjoyed you. You have been a very nice and well deserved break from the working world. I have very much needed you during those instances when the mister decides he wants to wake up 3 times in the night. I have throughly enjoyed sleeping in late with the little one to make up for these nights, and I will surely miss them while I attempt to work in a zombie like state with my cracked out looking eyes. I have enjoyed running errands and cleaning house at my leisure. I have loved getting visitors, walks during the day and catching up on tv shows while hanging out with the little one.

I must say though, who decided that twelve weeks was enough? (Granted I didn't take the full twelve cause I couldn't afford it, but even my SIL only took six weeks...How in the hell she did it I don't know...) Twelve weeks. It goes ridiculously fast, but seems so incredibly short. At this point the little ones still aren't sleeping through the night very well, most are still dependent on their mothers for food (if breastfeeding) and you expect us to be able to return back as good as new?

Let me just say, Canada has this all figured out. They get a whole year. Which I would say is the MOST important part of the little one's life. The first year you reach the most important milestones and really aid in developing them and shaping them. I can't help but think what Camden and I could accomplish in a year. We would have eat/sleep/play routines figured out. We would have set naptimes. We would be eating solid foods. We would be able to self soothe. We would learn proper play interactions and discipline according to Mommy. All of these things and I can't help but wonder how they will work out with Camden being at daycare, and in the care of others besides Mom and Dad for more than 40 hours a week. I know everything will work out fine, I just think about what the two of us could accomplish ourselves during this period. We will still get there, it just may not be the way I had envisioned, and giving up control is hard for a Mommy!

In conclusion, Maternity Leave, I really feel you should go back to your creators and demand more time for mothers. I know I will back you up!

A happy yet tired Mom who is dreading work, only because she knows she is leaving half of her heart at home!


  1. It broke my heart :-( I still miss her lots during the day! But it helped to know she is in great hands! But I will sign your letter too! Or maybe we should move to Canada! Lol but I will say being at work all day makes snuggle time at night so much more precious:-)

  2. I agree with the snuggle time completely!