Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween: The Magic Number is...

This Halloween was even more intense than the last! We usually have a pretty impressive turnout, thanks to crazy Halloween guy in our neighborhood. When I say crazy, I mean CRAZY. He spends most of the month setting up his yard as a graveyard. He has multiple blow up Halloween decorations, lights, a fog machine and even wooden tombs. This guy even cut off part of his porch railing to make a better exit to prevent crowding on the porch. The family that lives there dress up and sit on this porch and I assume they scare the kids. I don't know b/c I didn't take Camden through this year, maybe next year. :) Here are some pics of this madness that were taken with my cell phone and really, don't even do it justice.

Overall, the magic number of trick or treaters was 326. Yes, 326!!! It was insane. They were coming in trucks, strollers, on a 'hay ride' being pulled by a four wheeler, you name it! This year I bought the same amount of candy as last year, but was stingy and only gave out one piece of candy per person. Good thing! We had some cute trick or treaters, what I thought was going to be my favorite was a little kid dressed as a nerd, using his trapper keeper as his candy holder. I complimented him on his costume and he paused, looked me up and down and then he responded in a smart alec voice "I like yours". Keep in mind, I wasn't dressed up. At all. So his Mom was standing around the corner and said, "Are you being rude?" I'm thinking "uhh YEAH" as she peeked around to see that we were NOT dressed up, and then she dragged him off. Now, if I were his mother I would have made him apologize! The audacity of kids nowadays.. I seriously almost asked for my candy back!! Gah.

I also saw some very interesting candy holders. A Cereal Box, a Pizza Box, you name it. At least this year we didn't have near as many high school kids, you know the ones that you wanna yell at them to get a job and buy their own candy. :)

The best part of Halloween this year was dressing up Camden. He was a monkey, and he was the cutest monkey on the block!!

Complete with cute monkey tail...


  1. He looks so cute in that pic with the tootsie roll, like he REALLY is interested in eating it haha.