Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Randoms..

Obsessing over: Knowing the results of my 'spot' and knowing that there's nothing to be done now. It's so freeing. I can just be for a while.

Working on: Getting back to the gym like I know I want to. I haven't been as faithful this summer as normal, and routines are crazy and then the sickies and it's just easier to not go. But I feel so much better when I do.

Thinking about: How I should change my eating habits. And then what I should eat at my next meal. You like how that works?

Anticipating: Taking Camden to a pumpkin patch, SOON! And doing more maternity pics for my SIL, and a few other family shoots here and there. Been looking into buying a new lens. Fingers crossed!

Listening to: Imagine Dragons. I am obsessed.

Drinking: Alkaline water baby, all the way!

Wishing: For it to be 85 degrees again. That really is my perfect temperature.

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