Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spot or Not

Things have been chaotic around these parts lately. If it's not one thing, it's another. We finally regrouped after the sickies of brain cysts, strep and teething (yay for finally getting those canines!) and have been out and about enjoying ourselves. Camden has been loving playing at the park at our nearby school, now that it's back after being under construction allllll summer.
Luckily for Husband and little C, they are healthy and happy. For me? I just can't quite win. I got rid of strep and found out about cysts and since then I have been growing little dry red patches on my skin. Ringworm maybe? Where do I get this stuff? I've been treating with antifungal cream but no avail. It is expired cream, so maybe it needs longer? It doesn't seem to be changing the spots, in fact, I seem to be growing new ones. Yet, Husband and C don't seem to have an awkward spots anywhere. So who knows? I have been told to switch to cortizone cream, thanks to Malissa. It looks like I need to make the switch. Maybe I need to go to a doctor? Oye. So over doctors.
Camden is up to a few new things. He and I get into a game called "I love you" and I will say "I love you Camden" and he will say "I You Momma", (I and You are kinda pushed together so he thinks he's saying I love you) and we repeat it back and forth until someone forgets or quits saying it. It's adorable. He is becoming a huge fan of red. You will ask him what shirt he wants to wear and he will say "red". If he pees on the potty he wants a red M&M (and we are in very short supply of those around here). He is fighting going to bed a little at nighttime, He just seems to have enough energy to stay up, like a 7th wind or something by that point. He's pretty stinking adorable, even when he's cranky. He has NOT been a fan of pants. It was like pulling teeth to get him to wear those. Also he fights putting on a coat in the mornings. But by the time we get to school? He refuses to take it off. Kids are so silly!
They are learning about community helpers at school and this week has been all about the firefighter. They painted pictures of a fire and even practiced dialing the 9-1-1 and calling for 'Help', then practicing the stop, drop and roll. And from what I hear it is absolutely ADORABLE. Can you picture a bunch of young two year olds working on stop-drop-roll? Love it.
I can see his communication just increasing and it's pretty darn cool. He is picky and likes things his way, so he has trouble when Mom and Dad want to do things their way. Of course, that's just how two year olds work, but man, that is some work. I can see how some people have kids and are all "one and done" type thing. It's hard to raise them right, definitely takes patience and perseverance!

He also has a nightly thing where he likes to get out of the tub/shower and I hide his milk in the kitchen and he has to find it. I take him in there and hold him and he just stares and looks around while trying to find where I have hidden it. It's so cute watching him look and talk it out with himself. He loves the game, and cries if I forget to "hide milk". 

He can count to fourteen and knows all of his colors. He is absolutely fantastic at matching shapes and working puzzles independently but he's still working on his ABCs. I am one very proud Momma! 

C and I are always looking at each other and saying, "he looks so big". He's getting so heavy to carry around and is so independent. 

Alright, time to go treat some spots!!

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