Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sheldon: Part 3.

It appears I owe a Sheldon update, since I got more news last week.

I started calling the doctor that I was given my second referral to last Monday. They swore they never got my referral when I called, which frustrated me.

I called my doctors office to verify, they said yes it went through, that the referral lady was wrong.

I called the neurosurgeon's office back. The referral specialist said "oh yeah! I forgot to check the floor. I do have it but I will need a copy of the report". (The floor? Might not be the best filing system. Just sayin'.)

I'm at work so I'm thinking, "awesome. It's at home!" So, I call the sweet secretary at the MRI place and she is so SO helpful, offering to print it off and fax it over for me.

Tuesday comes so I call the doctors office back. She says she got the info and will call to set up an appointment later that day if she "finishes with her project" and if not she will call early Wednesday.

Cue Wednesday. She calls early, says the doctor read my report and can tell by where the offending spot is located that its a "benign cyst" and that I need a follow up scan in 6 months. She says the doctor told her that I could still schedule and appointment and pay the co pay, but he is still going to say the same thing.

I still have a question. So I ask the referral specialist to go back to him and ask how strict he is on the six months. Could it wait a year? Does it have to be just six months? How serious is it?

So she calls me back Thursday. She tells me that waiting 6-12 months is fine, I have no symptoms so its not a big deal and she will tell my PCP what they recommend.

Whew! Relief!!!!

And it saved me twenty bucks for now!

I am completely at ease with this. While it may sound like the neurosurgeon is blowing me off, I don't take it that way. I was given his name by two different people as being the best in town. If that's the case, I don't doubt his expertise. He says I can wait, I'll wait. He says it a cyst, then it is. God has given me so much peace through this and has really taught me so much about patience. It is so hard to live by it, so when we are forced to live it - it can really be a learning experience. This for SURE was one of those times. So as frustrating as it was to find out its nothing? To sit around and wait on doctors? It was teaching me that its really not all about me, and what I want. It's up to Him.

Such an eye opener! We just had a sermon in church talking about tithing and how when you return what is God's to him, you will see his blessings pour out. In fact, this is the one part of the Bible where God says "test me in this". Our campus pastor was sure to mention that not all blessings in return are going to be financial. We are faithful in regular tithing in our household. And this blessing of good health?

Simply means God's blessing me for faithfulness.

That I am beyond blessed and highly favored. And totally don't deserve it!


  1. Amen! I'm so glad you got good news :)

  2. glad to hear it. patience is always a well deserved lesson for me... still working on it ;-)

  3. So good to hear! Medical information is such a mixed bag. We had to get a follow-up 20 week ultrasound with Oliver because they "found something"...but thankfully that something was a normal variation that occurs (can't even recall the problem - maybe a down syndrome indicator on his heart?). Anyway - it's so great to learn things and catch things through medical technology, but sometimes it causes such duress!