Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Australia: Part 7, Melbourne Part 2

We spent most of our time in Melbourne looking for street art. In Melbourne it is legal, you just have to get a permit. You could walk into an alley and just get lost in the amazing street art. Those alleyways were stunning and really added character to the city. It was almost like treasure hunting to decide which alley way we wanted to walk down to see if we would happen upon some art. Truly impressive the talent these people have with a can of spray paint!

The first alley we walked into and scored some art, we were lucky enough to notice this...
{This is a map to the street art! Success!!}

{Preston got his picture made with the naughty nurse}

{So of course Boone wanted his with her as well!}

{I love this picture because it looks like the street art is picking Chris' brain...}

{Ahhh a monster!!!}

{I took a close up of this one because, ironically, it was raining}

{Jennie and I were intrigued by this one. Look closely!}

{Did you look closely enough to see our mark on the street art??}

{an example of a street permit}

While in Melbourne we also ate a lot of Maccas (the only place with free wifi) and also had a vegan burger. It was so-so. We did have some amazing pizza.

{Chris and I sharing a Brekkie Box. While we were in Oz, we would see commercials for Maccas and they would say "Stop in to get a Brekkie Box to share with your mates". So, Chris and I shared multiple Brekkie Boxes! Here, Chris is reading an Australian Newspaper - I believe the Herald Sun}

We did lots of browsing through stores here, and even stopped in an opal store that would give a free opal if you showed your passport. They gave us a cute little kanagroo pin with an opal in it for free! It was also a museum so it was neat to walk through and see all the different kinds of opal.

Boone even got to walk a runway!!

After our first day there, we came back to the hotel to see this waiting on us...

Yes, this is an Australian Census!! Say what?? Apparently they do their census every five years and everyone does it on THE EXACT SAME NIGHT. Tuesday August 9th was the night. They have everyone who is in the country, at that time, fill one out. That includes all of the people staying in a hotel! Who knew?? So, we filled em out. It was interesting to do, it was about 50 questions long and had VERY detailed questions. What type of work you do, if someone lives in your home such as a parent, and how much assist they need from you. I was interested to see those questions as it made me wonder how the people there care for their elderly. Do they move them into big nursing homes, or is it more commonplace to have your parents move in with you, and you take care of them in the home? I was told it is much more common in some places to have your parents live with you and help with the daycare of your kids and you help take care of your parents. Interesting!

After eating lunch on one of the days we happened upon a cupcakery and stopped in for an indulgence.

{some of the kinds}

{um whoa. I can make that maxi cupcake for 15 bucks, and that includes the cost of buying the cake pan!!}

{Looks divine doesn't it?}

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Sydney for our last hoorah. We had one final day to snag any last souvenirs and hang with Missy before heading home.

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