Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oz: Part 4.

Friday was play day with Missy. She took the day off of work and we went out wandering. We ran a few errands and did a little shopping to prepare for our upcoming reef trip. We decided to tour the Sydney Opera House. That is a gorgeous building and is the youngest building to ever be placed on the World Historic Site. So cool! We ate a cheap lunch at the Opera House restaurant (you got a discount for taking the tour) and then we wandered around a few shops, then we took the ferry to Manly and went to the beach. Manly is just another town with cute little street shops and a very nearby beach. It was a fairly nice beach too, but the water was SO COLD!!!

{the bathrooms in the Opera House. I was pretty excited!}

{okay I'm sure you want to see something other than the bathrooms...}

{How about Jennie helping Boone get his picture made?}

{There is a beautiful royal purple plush carpet inside. So fancy!}

{looking up the wall. Can you tell how it starts to curve?}

{more of the interior. Can you tell I just love this building? Architecture is amazing}

{Boone contemplating getting some concessions in the Opera House}

{our tour guide with Boone. He was short}


{Joes shirts and the Sydney Harbour Bridge}

{Manly Beach!! Australian water...}

{this is my cold water face}

{Jennie's cold water face}

{Joes shirts at the beach!}

{The boys decided Boone wanted to be buried in the sand}

{be careful Boone!}

{Hold your breath Boone!}

{gorgeous sunset}

{Sunset with the bridge's shadow on the house. Lovely.}

After we rode the ferry back to Sydney we took the train back to Missy's and changed for our dinner cruise. We enjoyed the music and the live views on the dinner cruise, that city is really beautiful at night.

{boys on the boat.}

{girls on the boat}

{Boone on the boat}

{Australian Beer}

Then it was home and to bed, because we had to be up at 5 am the next day for our flight to Cairns for our Great Barrier Reef Excursion!

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  1. Ha! I love that you all wore Joe's shirts! So fun :)

    You're right that the Opera House is amazing, and I am glad you showed those restrooms, they are incredible! I love the wavy doors and sinks, they are like sound waves.