Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Head, Ears, and especially Toes...

My still incredibly happy boy, considering he has a lot going on.

I thought his ear was doing better. The drainage was going from less of a brown to clearer. Good, right? Well, apparently not so good when it starts to thicken. And stink. Did I mention the stink?

Yeah. Ew.

On top of that we noticed last Thursday evening a nasty looking toe. Wanna see a picture? Okay, why not.
If you are an odd ball like me, you'll click that picture to see that sweetness up close.

He didn't start the day off with his toe like that, but that evening his toe was PISSED. I mean, check that out. It is super upset!! So we attempted to soak it in Epsom salts (has anyone EVER tried to get a toddler to soak his toes? I think I would rather box a kangaroo or wrestle a crocodile) and we would slather Neosporin all over his toe multiple times a day, in hopes it would help. We monitored it Friday and over the weekend and there was still no change by Monday. So we called the doctor and of course they wanted to see it. It was after I set up the appointment that he was playing in the cabinets with my muffin pans, and proceeded to drop them on his toe. He cried so hard that blowing in his face still didn't cause him to draw in a breath. In fact, I had to blow three times. Poor baby! That had to hurt.

Back to the pediatrician's office we went. After what seemed like an enormous wait time and endlessly trying to distract Camden with toys out of the toy cabinet in the room, the doctor came in. After we got our infected toe diagnosis (obviously) I had him check Camden's ears for good measure. He checked the left ear first. The doctor peered in and with his thick accent "Oh this ear looks good, definitely no infection". (hooboy little did he know what was coming) And then he turned his head to see his right ear. That is when he noticed the yellow-green tinted goo settled in his ear. The look on his face was priceless. He wrinkled his nose and stepped back, I don't think he even really looked in there to see anything.

I mentioned that we have an ENT appointment tomorrow (which is today), so he wrote out a prescription for an antibiotic for his toe that he said would "probably work on his ear, but ask the doctor for sure what he thinks". Therefore, I am not supposed to fill anything until we get checked out today. The pedi wanted to be sure that what he was prescribing was going to be enough to kill it all I guess.

While the pediatrician and I were finishing up our conversation, Camden was in the room playing the the toy cabinet. Next thing I know, he rips the door completely off the cabinet. Seriously? I've become that Mom! I was mortified. My little stinker! Granted, I think it was loose before we went in there, and we took care of that issue. Why not just rip it off and start over? I do believe they have my face, name, and information memorized we have been so many times. If they didn't before, they do now!

{This is the door he ripped off. I couldn't take a picture of the actual door with my phone because the doctor was quick to remove it. Yes, Handy Manny Camden prefers to leave the hinges ON whilst working.}

In other news, Camden has a pretty big swollen up spot on his upper gums. Could we possibly be getting a front tooth? Who knows. Just when I think it is coming, nothing happens.

But the moral of the story is, and I am pretty sure I have said it before but... CAN WE JUST CATCH A BREAK??? :)


  1. Poor Camden and poor Mommy! I hope that he gets well soon!

  2. Poor Camden and poor Mommy! I hope that he gets well soon!