Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy weekend!!

There have been a lack of posts lately, only because things around here have been SO busy! 'Tis the season!!

Friday was a busy day for the littlest C, he had a Halloween parade, a Halloween party at daycare and then Husband and I drove with little C to God's country for a little Homecoming festivities.

If you all are unaware, OSU has the largest Homecoming in the nation. While husband and I were there, we participated in the amazingness called pomping. Pomping is where you take chicken wire, wallpaper paste and tissue paper and poke it in the holes either using your finger or with the little chicken wire - a pencil. It is incredibly tedious and time consuming. I say we participated in pomping, but really I pomped, Husband was one of the few welding and cutting and making the moving parts work. The pairing of houses usually starts working on homecoming about a week or two after school starts and they don't finish up until around Halloween. It is non stop and ends with an ALL NIGHT POMP where you stay up all night watching the boys finish up welding their large structures to hold all of the pomp screens, hanging screens, caffeine and lots of wallpaper paste. I remember being so delirious the next day, leaving the fraternity house ONLY to attend class in my stinky, glued together clothes; just to head back immediately as class let out to help finish before judging at 5 pm.

It sucked, but it was awesome. Those were some good times, and fun memories. Aaaaaaannnyway. Husband and I were thoroughly impressed at how much it has changed just in the five years we were there. Almost the entire decs are micropomped (with the tiny holes the size of a pencil), and houses were getting more and more creative on how to make parts move. Wind power, solar power, water power. Honestly? Impressive. Did I mention how expensive this mess is? It used to be about 10k per house, so a pair would spend up to 20k. WHAT? Just to say you won?? Okay, sidetracked.

While we were there, little C had the breakdown of all breakdowns. He's never had that issue before. I think coupled with riding in the car for and hour and a half, to being put in a stroller and riding around in that for an hour or two, poor kiddo didn't get to walk/play around any. And he likes to be on the go, so I think all the sitting made him crazy. We were on our way back to the car, and boyfriend LOST. HIS. S%#$. Hardcore. He was wailing! We couldn't figure out what he wanted or how to make it stop. So we changed his diaper, put him in his PJs, gave him a snack and turned on a movie in the car on the way home. That helped, but more than anything he wanted to play peek-a-boo. I was happy to oblige.

Saturday was clean the house day and boyfriend took a four hour nap to make up for the poor nights sleep in the car on the way home from the night before. He went to bed appropriately on Saturday night but woke up once, I think his teeth are still bothering him. The house looks great though, and needed a good fall cleaning. I steam mopped and cleaned baseboards and pulled all kinds of objects apart and cleaned them...ahem*highchair*cough.

Sunday is funday. Husband and I got up and hit the kitchen. We made some breakfast quiche, and sausage and biscuits. Yum! Husband then went outside to work on recaulking and repainting the house and Camden and I played. I went to run errands and little C woke from nap so Husband brought lil C out to play with him while he was caulking. He sent me a picture of lil C while I was out that looked something like this...

yup. That is what happens when I let husband babysit.

In all seriousness though, he said Camden was out there playing around the ladder - no big deal. Then he turned around and homeboy was halfway up it! So when I got home Husband called me to come watch. Sure enough the kid can climb to the top, then climb down. WHAT? How does a 14 month old learn how to climb a ladder?? Let me just reiterate that Husband did NOT teach him how to get up or down. whoa!

I'll be back to regularly scheduled posts as soon as my heart rate returns to normal. :)

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