Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fourteen months.

I love this picture because you are staring ever-so-intently at your Daddy.

What a busy little boy you have become! Here are some of the things you are doing this month.

-You are talking more, still saying more, go, uh-oh and no. You will sign all done occasionally, especially when you want out of the highchair. You are saying "go go go" all the time. You will be walking around in circles saying "go go go!" or you will run to the door and yell loudly "GO!" because you want to go outside.

-Speaking of GO, you always want to be outside. All. The. Time. You ask constantly, and you are always moving. You still love your watering can and are enjoying actually being let out of the cart to go on walks.

-Your nasty ear infection is cleared, thank goodness. Your ear leaked a greenish-yellow color for a few days but once we started using the drops, all was well. Amazing!

-You are getting better at eating veggies. Not plain, but cooked in a stew or a soup we can usually manage to get some in you. Such a shame, because when you were younger you LOVED your veggies. You are still a fan of all things yogurt, and when you are on antibiotics I load you up on the yogurt and acidophilus. You will eat a packet of the organic Plum Baby veggie food that you squeeze yourself straight into your mouth. It is pretty handy and I'm just glad to get some veggies in you.

-You aren't much of one for holding still, but if I turn Mickey Mouse on you are sure to stop for a minute or two to watch the Hot Dog Dance. We don't go out to eat much anymore because getting you to hold still is nearly impossible. (Not to mention we aren't a fan of spending much on eating it's not all you, little man)

-You finally sprouted your third tooth. It's the top right, and it showed up on 10-6-11. I guess you will have more than two teeth after all! Number four is swollen, it won't be long!

-At daycare we had our fall round of parent/teacher conferences. Your teacher said for 13 going on 14 months you are right where you need to be. You are holding a spoon when eating (although not always using it). You are sleeping great on your cot when it's time to nap. You love group and singing time and love playing with the big toys - the houses, the tunnels to crawl through, and the slides. They mentioned that you LOVE art time! You are also cognitively developing well. They said you were one of the first of this new group to know what it means when they say it's time to eat. You were quick to run and sit in your chair and wait to be buckled in so you could eat! She said one of the sweetest things about you is that you will run up to the teachers for hugs, and you will dive into their laps and just hang out during group time. So cute! I'm glad you are doing so well there, it makes Mommy's heart happy that you are getting such a good curriculum and that you have the sweetest, most caring teachers I could imagine.

-You must have learned how to put on a coat at daycare. Now all we have to do is hold it out and you stick your arms in yourself. We swear it just happened over night!

-Your separation anxiety waxes and wanes. For a few weeks you would fight me to get down in the mornings so you could go play at daycare. You would push off my body with your hands and feet and it would be all I could do to keep you from jumping out of my arms to the ground. You didn't even look back as I would walk off. Then again in the last week or two you have been a pouting, crying mess. I'll hand you immediately over to one of the other girls and hear you bawling as I exit. Sometimes you'll just give a whimper and then it's over. At church they said they almost called your Daddy and I out of the service, it was that bad. For two weeks in a row too! I'm not sure why the sudden aversion, maybe their toys aren't like the ones you are used to at daycare or something. Who knows?

-Since your toe incident you are definitely wearing size 4 shoes. Onesies can be 12 months or larger, pants need to be 12-18 months range or larger. Your footy pajamas fit in 12 month but not for long. You are wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and a size 5 overnights at night.

-You eat well when you do eat. You get breakfast/lunch and two snacks a day at daycare. You get milk morning/night and with your meals at daycare. You love apple juice and water. We still have a few more of the frozen Mommy milk to go through.

-You had your first visit to the fair this month, you ran around just taking it all in. It was enjoyable for us all, and you came home and CRASHED. You also visited the pumpkin patch and didn't care for the pumpkins. It was all about the houses.

We love you little monkey and can't wait to watch you continue to grow. Slow down a little though, would ya?

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