Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Fashionably late as usual! Little C had a low grade fever Halloween night and then successfully managed to get kicked out of daycare the next day as his fever spiked. I have been running around finding family to watch my little monkey so Husband and I can still work.

Halloween was a blast in our neck of the woods. Our neighborhood gets COVERED in kids. Traffic carries non-stop herds of dressed up little ones. The crazy Halloween guy was out again this year, but he did his yard up different. They set up the fun in their garage this year to make it all easily accessible. I didn't take a close up front shot, but he had it designed where the perimeter of the garage looks like a mausoleum and one of the 'headstones' swings open so that a mummified hand can reach through and scare the kids. This is all set around a homemade coffin that has a real person wrapped like a mummy that reaches over and grabs the kids, and at the same time a huge spider that they set off with a foot pedal jumps up out of the corner. Can we say, SCARY? He set the spider off a few days early while he was explaining it to me, and I was standing halfway down the drive and STILL jumped. (I don't do scary.) They of course don't scare the little ones and they were super sweet folks, even giving Camden a plastic spider to hold on to the other day and inviting us over for a pot of chili on Halloween.

{this was just as the night was starting. Mobs of people were around the rest of the evening..It's a popular place!}

{See the guy in the chair? That's the Halloween guy. He had spiders stuck all over his shirt and face and arms. It looked pretty creepy under the lights..}

The cousins came to trick or treat in our neighborhood and we got started before it got dark. We had Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, Buzz Lightyear, a Ballerina and Camden was a lion.

my precious lion.

We made it halfway around the neighborhood before I sent feverish little C home to go to bed with Daddy. I finished up with the cousins then headed home to hand out candy. Lots of candy. Don't believe me? Here's a blurry pic showing a miniscule amount of what we actually we gave out.

{This is only 3 of the probably 14 bags we had. Seriously.

Last year, I had 326 trick or treaters. I wondered if I was going to break it this year as it seemed to be a little slower initially. We turned on the lights at 630 and my MIL handed out candy for thirty mins while we headed around the 'hood. I ended up running out of candy and having to turn off the light at 830. I had to turn away the kids that had lined up down my sidewalk! The final number was 413. WHEW!

Some of my favorite costumes? The little skunk, the Mickey Mouses, the train conductors and the most creative was the young girl who dressed up as Bethany the Surfer. She had her arm tucked into her shirt and her surf shorts, that's dedication!

Some kids were so pleasant, saying thank you and yes ma'am. At three times during the night I accidentally dropped a piece of candy while passing it out to the swarms of children on my doorstep. Two of the three times the kid standing there reached down and picked it up, handing it back to me or putting it BACK in my bowl. That means there is still the occasionally ornery kid that snatches that extra piece of candy and runs off. :)

One thing I noticed, was that a few kids would arrive on my doorstep holding a white piece of paper. I could only guess what I thought was on the paper, but didn't think anything of it until the same paper blew into my yard the next day.

Two adorable kids showed up on our doorstep about three weeks ago with this picture in color, animatedly describing their cat and asking if we had seen her. My heart sank when I saw the same cat on the flier, and I pictured those two kids sitting at home instead of trick or treating, handing out fliers to try and find their lost kitty. I am so sad for them, I know how hard it can be to lose a cat, after all I lost one when I was younger!

Anyway, if you see Angel in a pink collar with no tail, PLEASE call their family!

Hope everyone else had a fabulous holiday, and I can't WAIT for the next one!!! After all, Thanksgiving is one of my faves!

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