Tuesday, November 22, 2011

15 Months

Here is what you are up to this month:

-You are growing faster by the minute. You have the cutest round belly, I think from your perspective you probably can't see your feet. You are wearing 12-18 month pants, some of which are too tight but Daddy still squeezes you in them in the morning. You are wearing mostly 12 month tops, but I bought you a warm winter coat and bought it a size bigger just to be sure. Your shoes are still size 4.

-You are wearing size 4 diapers, and an overnight size 5.

-You are working on growing those teeth still. From a few pictures I took this past month I think there may be more under those gums that are giving you a hard time.

-You say NOOOOO and your little voice is so innocent and sweet when you say it so adamantly. For now it is cute! ;)

-You know that you must stay seated during bath time. Speaking of bath time you LOVE to lay back in the water and submerge the back of your head and body. I hope this means you will be a little fish come next summer.

-You got kicked out of daycare for too high of a fever one day. I am still not sure if I think it was teeth or a virus, who knows. You definitely slept more and had a fever for Halloween and the two days after.

-You were a lion this year for Halloween and boy were you cute!

-When you sign all done it looks like you are turning a faucet on or off.

-You wave bye anytime you are ready to be done with something. You wave at the TV when you are ready to go outside. You wave bye at night when you are ready to bed. That's how we know your signal, we ask if you are ready to go "night night" and you will wave at us, and you go down with a fuss. I remember when I didn't think you would ever go to sleep without causing me trouble!

-You are finicky eater. Big surprise, you are like all the other toddlers out there. I have been able to trick you into getting veggies mixed in with fruits in those little squeeze to-go baby food pouches. They have worked really well when we are out and about and you need a snack. Lately you have been putting away the milk in the morning and evenings. We are talking up to 8 ounces at once. This is fine during the day but at nighttime? Creates a bit of a wet problem.

-You spent this past weekend sick. You threw up Saturday, Sunday and once Monday night after dinner. You are playing fine, no fever. You have these gross sounding burps and and sometimes you're good, other times you're not. I have no idea what's upsetting you, only time will tell!

-You still only say four words. No, More, Go, Uh-oh. You can sign "more" now, as well as all done. Now, when you sign all done you sort of say it. More than anything we understand the "allllll" part. We are working on "Go Pokes" and blowing kisses. You can sign 'please' but you do so by beating on your chest. We'll count it.

-You love being silly with your Daddy, and you Daddy loves to come home and play with you. Building blocks, rocking, playing with the large bouncy ball are all right up your alley.

-You love shutting doors. In the morning you come into the bathroom where I am getting ready and you shut all of the closet doors and the bathroom door.

-We have started a routine of making you put your toys up before bed. You do this at daycare so you caught on rather quickly. Now you will wave at us signaling you are ready for bed, we help you pick up and then you wave as either I or Daddy carries you off to bed. So precious.

-Lately you have been waking up at 530 a.m. like clockwork. Maybe you are thirsty? That's when you are chugging an 8 ouncer, you have never been a big one at drinking a lot in one setting, so who knows.

-You are starting to notice rhythms more. I see you kicking your leg in the car to the music. You sway your head to the Hot Dog Dance when you used to stare seemingly without breathing while the song was on. Sometimes you'll even move those hips of yours. I guess you get your rhythm from your Dad - either not interested in it previously and if it does show up it's hindered. :)

-Besides climbing ladders this month, you have really learned to hoof it. You can bust a move into a run/walk like nobody's business.

You continue to light up our world and we love every minute of it.

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